Trump jrs girlfriend,a top campaign official tests positive

she was in tulsa and phoenix

she tested positive in south dakota before trumps speech

Careful, your Schadenfreude is showing.

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Where is the Schadenfreude? What specific wording in the OP shows this?


It’s a pattern.

Check out the OP’s herman cain thread for more examples.

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Well if confirmed that’s not good.

It’s confirmed. She will be driving back to DC, not flying.

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That explains why those two weren’t on stage with Tiffany and Eric.

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Yeah…that not all that exciting drive IMO.

Now if she heading west…that’s another story. :wink:

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Once again so much much concern makes me literally choke up! :roll_eyes: I bet CNN is disappointed that Kimberly is asymptomatic & that Don Jr. is negative.

This virus is no joke. Nor is it political.
Just one more example that this administration is not taking this as seriously as it should.
Trump has failed the people that he is suppose to protect.
Other countries are seeing what is going on here and are amazed that our leadership is failing.
Mark my words, this lack of handling of the virus is costing Trump votes. Biden will be the next POTUS.
Count on it. Film at eleven.


When you’ve tracked down where she contracted it let us know.

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That’s unfortunate. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Not political? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: GMAB…the Democrats politicize everything from life to death and anything in between and they are doing it with this covid 19 for damned sure!

shes young, fit, healthy.

she ll be fine

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oohh true, or around Hunter Biden’s stripper skank love child


You’re right.

I’m sending thoughts and prayers right now.

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Probably, but has Jr been tested since? What has the distancing been like between him and his 74 year old father? The president.

Well, at least we’re not hearing weekly prophecies about how the economy is going to collapse. :rofl:

Can we please elevate the level of conversation?

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You guys taking a break from that or what.