Trump jr has covid

according to a bloomberg report he has tested positive and is quarantining.

Ok and???
So do 8000 more people in my state.


Thoughts and prayers.


But no hope. Hope is the spark of rebellion.

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Libs revel in the misfortune of others.


Nah…take stupid chances, win stupid prizes.


And rush to the Hannity board to post it.



Lots of people have Covid…

Someone very smart way back when this started said most of us would get it…

My theory is you’re either going to get it, you ve got it, or you’ve already had it…

Is there a point to the the daily “so and so” has Covid stories?


It’s the lib version of “neener, neener, neener”


I have kinda of always felt the same way. No one is going to lock themselves away for over a year. We have over 11 million known cases. I wonder how many other people have had it that we have no idea about?

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He’s the son of the soon to be former president and he has his own political aspirations. It’s important information.

Basically that what it comes down too isn’t it?

I m no scientist…not a dr…

But I know enough to know it’s a virus…

It ain’t going anywhere…

We will have to live with it for the rest of our lives…be smart…take precautions…but I refuse to obsess over Covid…

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No…if he was socially distancing, wearing a mask and taking precautions it would be unfortunate. Since he does none of those things getting called out is kind of a given. Like I said…take stupid chances, win stupid prizes.

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I was watching a interview with a gal who is in her mid-30’s. She said that she always wears a mask. Practices proper social distancing and only goes to the grocery store. And she got it pretty bad. She was in the hospital for many days and said it was a pretty constant round of feeling better and then crashing.
She was pretty upset because she says that she did everything she could but got it anyway.

And there are also folks on both sides that aren’t making this political. I don’t wish this virus on anyone.
It is much too dangerous.

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Agreed. That is why I am so fearful that Thanksgiving is going to cause a huge spike.

The airlines had to add flights to accommodate all the travelers. The next spike should hit right before Christmas. It’s just freaking crazy the denial that is happening right now.

You see this stories a lot but really, what was she up to? She a face toucher? At the grocery store? She touching her face and my next avacado probably.

don’t go to the grocery store. It’s 2020 jeff bezos will put a chicken in your pot in 2 hours for free.


This place man. Ha.