Trump Jokes About Life Threatening Cold Temperatures

Trump, instead of being a leader and encouraging people to stay safe and doing what he can to make sure people dont die, instead jokes about global warming and downplays the seriousness of the cold tomorrow and thursday

Truly one of the greatest presidents we have ever had.

Cue “you hate trump”


I can’t believe republicans picked the worst possible human being to run for President. It’s ■■■■■■■ mindboggling.


He’s a ■■■■■■■ moron.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering… GLOBAL warming

Australia is seeing heat records for January

How is it possible for a man to be this stupid?

How is it possible so many people continue to support a man this stupid?

35% of Americans just don’t care. Fat donald before country.

You know what that means? That means that the people who like what he has done, will still like it. And the people who have wasted two full years of their lives consumed with hate, will still hate him. In other words. Who cares?


You cared enough to post in this thread. Congrats. But to answer your question, people will most likely die tomorrow. So yes. I care.

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Does that mean he’s lost your vote? :joy:

First, he doesn’t buy his own groceries.
Second, he thinks people should have the option to take bible courses.
Finally, he makes a global warming joke about it being super cold.

What kind of President is this!?!

Clueless buffoon. Can’t wait for his jokes if someone dies from this.

Why didnt he joke about Australia?

No kind of president at all.


Because, like his most rabid supporters, he doesn’t understand the difference between weather and climate. Or anything about science, really.


I get that it’s hard to have the man you voted for and still support under attack at almost all times. Being on the defense is hard.

Next time don’t support a morally bankrupt idiot.

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Coming from the BENGHAZIIII crew makes it especially funny

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Have patience, I’m sure Donald will be on site throwing paper towels in a day or so.

“Snow and ice are very cold - who knew they could be that cold?”


I think one of Obama’s problems was he made being President look too easy. Trump is reminding us all how horrible a president can act.

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Who knew it could be so hard?