Trump issues executive order to ban TikTok

I believe, but could be mistaken, there is already a law that allows the Gov to ban foreignern companies from operating in the US I’d deemed a threat.
I get that Microsoft is now trying to buy Tic Tok, shocked a company like FB doesn’t use release their own version of it.

In a county right outside Atlanta, in the middle of a pandemic - in a location where the number of infections is rapidly increasing:

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Would it be different if an American owned App was doing this?

“American owned” apps do this.
That’s why they’re “free”. :elephant::us:

He must not understand, It is not the app, it is the people… Young people power will not stop.

You have to remember - China is bad. TikTok is owned by a Chinese company. Therefore, TikTok is bad.

Its a play to his base.


Less than 3 months left and Trump just shot himself in the foot with young voters.

I keep saying it, he’s to a point now where all he can do is make his base happy. I don’t think he’s focusing on the undecided voters.

Bidens team has a great opportunity to lever the power of social media with the younger voter. Obamas campaign really set the standard for that.

I just have a feeling that Bidens campaign is not responding effectively to all of Trumps ■■■■ ups.


Now wait a minute… China is Bad!!! Then how can Ivanka justify all her new deals with them?! How can Trump Co. justify making all their products there!?

Just kidding.

I agree, it’s irritating how slow they are. Pisses me off.

China is the Spawn of Satan, and must be punished at all costs - unless it will benefit someone with the name of Trump in some way… :wink:

Ain’t that the truth! That message resonates with people who are hell bent on only listening to half the story. Trump does a good job at focusing his troop’s attention away from his hypocrisy.

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If you wanted to drive youth turnout through the stratosphere, you could hardly do better than banning Fortnite


And Sarah Cooper.

Reminds me of Nancy Reagan and the PMRC blaming Ozzy Ozbourne and heavy metal for the worlds problems… Shiny objects

This also amuses me. Imagine banning TIkTok and Fortnite three months before an election and expecting it not to turn the 18-24 demographic from the most apathetic in the nation to being willing to crawl across broken glass to vote against Trump.

This isn’t a war or tax policy or other ■■■■ teens and early twenty somethings could care less about, mostly. This is taking away the things that they spend a significant chunk of their daily lives doing.

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How do they plan to enforce this? Confiscate phones? Use the Patriot Act to start searching phones for banned apps?

“They’re coming for your Apps!!!”

Yup. They’ll react the way trump reacts when Twitter starts checking his most fallacious impulses.

This is another reason to vote this authoritarian out of office.