Trump issues executive order to ban TikTok

how can he legally do this. issue an order banning a communication app.
it seems to me its a clear 1st amendment violation

this is teh actual executive order

45 days is enough time for someone to file a stay.

would love to see the legal ground for this in court.

More of that small government philosophy at work…

Governing by EOs is cool now. :sunglasses:

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i cant picture how its not unconstitutional

It’s spying by a foreign nation.

its not spying people freely agree to give up their personal information.

So, you’re ok with China stealing data from and surveilling the movements and conversations of US citizens? POTUS is supposed to protect US citizens’ rights.

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When the legislators are derelict, POTUS is supposed to counter the harm they do. Separation of powers.

People use Tik Tok willingly. They know the TOS.

I cannot understand why conservatives who have always been so pro small government now embrace everything Trump does which is the very opposite.

But back to the Chinese stealing data, what about North Korea? They are constantly hacking and carrying out cyberattacks in the US and what does Trump do. He legitimizes NK on the world stage by indulging in a love fest. Where is your criticism of that?

Is Tik Tok an American owned company?

Far as I understand the First Amendment a foreign company wouldn’t have 1st Amendment rights. ETA: Not just foreign owned but is it fair to assume their servers aren’t on U.S. soil?

Very authoritarian.

Do they sign up knowing that anytime the “copy” something to paste it on any device on their apple account, the app takes that data and sends it off to China?

Everyone knows there is no privacy on the net and apple is one of the worst offenders.

All your data is sold and shared whether its China or Kroger makes no difference.

Of course we need to limit Chinas spying and other nefarious tactics but Trump has only taken this action because those using Tik Tok were able to coordinate and embarrass him.


Yes its written in the TOS

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That’s weird. Because the app owners claimed multiple times that it wasn’t something their app did.

Sometimes…some…must be protected from their own stupidity…that can also negatively impact others.

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What a snowflake - a bunch of kids use Tik Tok to totally humiliate the president, and the president turns around and bans the app.

Now imagine if someone like Hugo Chavez had done that - which I actually could see him doing. This thread would be quite different then.


He can ban TikTok, but another American app will take its place. Or Microsoft or another American firm will buy it, and the EO will seem silly.


Still smarting over the prank before the Tulsa rally. :us::elephant: