Trump is the man!

I got a kick out of Tom Steyer when he confirmed that “Critics right to say Trump won Dems’ Nevada debate”

Our President is doing a great job in the WhiteHouse :house:. God bless him. :us: Go Trump Go :us: 2020 :us: USA :us: USA :us: USA :us:

And furthermore, he is really doing a great job with those rallys across the country. Talley Ho my liberal progressive friends.


Tom Steyer said that or Bloomberg said it?

Maybe bloomdork confirmed it too.

im-156021 photo courtesy of Wall Street journal

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Trump remains undefeated in the debate arena.



Yeeeeeee Hawwwwwwww. :us:Go Trump Go :us:


I agree with them both.

Thanks. I hadn’t seen that from Steyer. They are both correct.

Yes, but…mm Tell me what is in your heart, Bro.

Geez, look how far down she has to tilt her head when talking to him. :rofl:

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:+1:You bad… … :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Mikey needs a box to stand on…


My heart is always filled with love. My faith continues to make this possible.

About Trump, the coming second term, Bernie Sanders, the demo debates (or the lack thereof), etc., etc.

Trump wins re-election. I’ve stated that for close to a year now. Maybe longer. If it’s Bernie he faces then it’s an even easier road to victory for him than it would be with a Biden.

Do you like Trump?

Almost as much as taking a long stroll through Hubei Province without Purell.


Trump sucks.

Not even a little bit. No. He is abhorrent. He is the human embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is dangerously unfit for office. His desires for personal gratification and sociopathic narcissism, coupled with his overwhelming ignorance and lack of intellectual curiosity are a cancer on our nation. History will be brutal to him and this time period. Generations from now will look back in horror at what was done to the rule of law, the Constitution, and to ethical and practical norms in his name.


I don’t like con men. Even before The Apprentice I would see him being interviewed and knew that he was a liar and cheat. The man has no moral compass. And it is really depressing seeing how many folks are fooled by him. My only solace is that someday the truth about him will be known. Unfortunately
the truth might be known long after the fact of what he has done to our country. His supporters believe that he has America’s best interest at heart. And that is the farthest from the truth. Trump will sell out anyone and anything to put a buck in his pocket.


Do you think we just started hating him when he decided to run for president? He has always been this bad.




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