Trump is taking almost $1 billion from Navy shipbuilding projects to build the border wall

The money saved by spending this billion on a wall, will earn that many times over for the navy in the future.

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No it won’t. You think the Navy will ever see recouped money from the wall? Nope.

Then how did he make the decision? :thinking:

How is using defence budget to build a defensive wall in any way “taking money from defence”? That’s like complaining about someone taking money from the food budget to buy potatoes.

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Well…tecnically… the wall falls under the dept of homeland security. The military the dept of defense.

The Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security, but most people still claim they’re technically part of the Military.

Folks also need to be reminded that a majority of American voters did NOT actually vote for this whole wall thing.

Right after we remind them that we don’t live in a Democracy where the mob decides everything. :wink:


Whelp, if anybody who agrees with this says “If president Sanders, Warren, Biden, Bloomberg, Etc does the same thing to fund a project I don’t agree with, then I’ll be completely okay with it” then I’ll believe that they believe this is all okay.

That’s why Democrats must never be allowed political power ever again. Most of them cannot be trusted. We have to do everything possible to ensure they never win another election. Bill Barr has a lot of work to do.


At least this part wasn’t a total falsehoood. :man_shrugging: :wink:

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If the first part is true, the second half is also true. I’m not afraid of Democrats regaining power in America, but I know exactly what will happen if they do, and it’s not something I want America to have to suffer.

The Democrats have never renounced the calls of " No borders, no walls no USA at all". By their own false protestations regarding Trump not renouncing white supremacists proving him to be a white supremacist, they show themselves to be anti USA. you are right. they are anti-America and don’t want to strengthen her borders.

The argument that prioritising 1 billion towards a border wall today over the same being expended on ships implies that the Navy can do fine with 1 billion less on perpetuity… Well, that just makes no sense at all

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Meh, opinions will vary. :man_shrugging:

Soooo, are you saying you don’t agree with what Trump is doing?

Sorry Saf. I think you are one of our best posters here and appreciate the information you share.

Ending butter up phase…

I agree completely and wholeheartedly with the wall…fence…whatever you want to call it…improvements.

This investment has the potential to spare many lives and would prevent an exodus from south of the border running unchecked into our country.

I can see the potential for an event that would cause such suffering that we would see 10 or 100’s of thousands overwhelming the border.

This is in addition to the benefit of stalling and thwarting mass human and illicit cargo.

This issue is worth giving no quarter.



If he’s making libs angry then I agree with it.

I believe I have my answer now. Props for your honesty.


That’s the kind of compartmentalized “identity politics” thinking that has created the Frankensteinian policy mix that characterises blue controlled areas of the US.

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You are projecting.

A billion out of a 700 billion military budget (or a 200 billion Navy budget) is noise.

I wouldn’t even argue with 70 billion getting cut, especially if it were a part of an overall cut in federal spending across the board.

The hand-wringing over 5 billion for the wall is more about politics (and especially about opposing Trump) than the actual money in question.

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