Trump Is Something Else

The Swamp is the 60-65 percent of the US population that stand in opposition to this president and his assault race in this country.

He ran on building a wall. His big promise. No wall…promise not kept so far.

His presidency has been about silencing his critics. Dividing the citizens into those who support or those who oppose Trump.

I am the Swamp.

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He’s got you (collective) running around like chickens. You © went left and he’s helping you get over there.

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Reactive to the point of proactivity.

Check your premise.

Completely incorrect.

Says you!

So widely being accused of making racist statements, something polls show something like 2/3 of Americans agree were just that, is a big win.

Ok, run with that I guess.

Well that’s cool. You guys understand © after “you” means collective from know on, 'kay.


Add decriminalizing illegal border crossings and reparations to the list.

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The proactive counter puncher!

Much like the right would accuse Obama of simultaneously being a fool and some kind of evil mastermind out to fundamentally destroy the nation, Trump is also whatever they need him to be to fit the argument. Today he is a political novice and a counter puncher. Tomorrow he will be playing 9th dimensional chess and be 17 moves ahead of everyone. Whatever nonsense they need to believe to justify the mistakes they have made.




The Swamp is nothing more than the bureaucracy. The petty little “career” manipulators in DC. People like Strzok and his cronies at DOJ.

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Completely incorrect, grammatically speaking.

:rofl: how so?

Maybe in the beginning. It doesn’t seem that way now.

Thank you for making this it’s perfect. I was just saying today how obnoxious some pundits spinning this as putting Dems in a bind. Oh man if I keep saying racist hateful things these suckers are going to have to keep talking about my racist hateful things.

You think you’re on to something?

There will be another maniacal shift left coming shortly.

© in no way in English language means the collective you…or you understood as it was taught to me. It’s just not correct.


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