Trump Is Something Else

Think about it, in the past couple of weeks he’s got Dems defending the Crazy Squad, Baltimore rats and Al Sharpton. They’re on record for free healthcare for illegals. The Mueller hearing. Defending toxic masculinity with Booker.

He’s tying them all together.

He might be a political genius.


What do you expect from a man who rushed to ground zero on 9/11… Stolen valor…


don’t forget defeated ISIS by himself.

It’s easy to look like a genius when 40% of the country is so far gone they would be cheering him on if he relieved himself in his pants during the middle of a speech. The rest of us who haven’t set our standards for political leadership so low they are underground see him for what he actually is, a lying, moronic, philandering, con man.


Who has his political opponents defending the Crazy Squad, Baltimore rats and Al Sharpton.

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Chaos caused by having a nut in charge.

And who are the victims? Dems.

and Republicans have to defend.

children in cages
arresting 9 years olds
white nationalism
defending North Korea


He might just be, but it does not make him a good, or even a fair president. Think about this…are we, the citizens, the actual swamp he’s wanting to drain? I get the feeling he could care less about Washington’s political swamp.

:rofl::rofl: well, I guess you told me. Why?

We don’t know why repubs defend those things, they just do.

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Well he is a con man…And kinda looks like you got, got…lol

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I don’t think he’s a good man. He’s doing a fine job of keeping his campaign promises.

What is The Swamp?

Those 4 Freshman Democrats have better favorability ratings than Mitch McConnell. Nobody is defending rats in Baltimore…they are wondering why the President is attacking the citizens of one of America’s largest cities instead of coming up with anything resembling a solution for the problems he sees there. And yeah, Al Sharpton. I’m just it’s just a coincidence the white nationalist President has gone after a parade of political figures who all happen to have brown skin while using racially charged rhetoric.

Maybe instead of wondering if this is genius you should be asking yourself why it works on so many of you.


Tying them up with a bow on top.

You tell me?

Looks to me like it’s working on dems.

I asked you first and you brought it up.

What is working? Him being criticized by us as he has been for years while his approval ratings wallow in the low 40s? What exactly is he gaining from all of this controversy? Where is the win?

What is the correlation between all of the events? Is Trump proactive or reactive. The OP makes the assumption that he’s proactive, yet in other threads states that he’s reactive. What’s with the disconnect?