Trump is responsible if Iran builds a nuke

the US had a deal with Iran to control their nuclear program
Trump pulled out and sanctioned Iran
They are well within their rights to develop a nuke now. and its 100% trump fault

Since when has Trump accepted blame for anything?

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They won’t get it done before 2021, so there’s one last off-ramp.
We don’t even have to go back into the deal, just elect a someone who won’t beat Iran up with sanctions and undermine what’s left of it.

Iran has been six months away from having a nuclear weapon since I was a kid, and I’m almost middle age now.


Abdomen clock is right once in your lifetime.

I get what you say. It has the feel of the Friedman Unit to it.

Why would Trump care? He’ll be gone from government and rolling in the $$$$ he made while being a politician.

Never forget Bibi and his bomb chart…

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or, iran who thinks america is great satan would have done so anyway

Yes, the “bad”. the “horrible” deal Obama brokered with Iran just had to go, with really no specific reason why.

Not to mention the other leading nations of the world endorsed it as well, and continue to do so.

Yep. Trumps handling of the Iran nuclear deal has to be one of the biggest screw ups of this administration.
To go from a deal situation to the current state of affairs is really mind boggling.

But they weren’t…

It’s pretty bonkers that Trump is trying to undo everything that Obama did just because Obama made his face turn red at a public function.

It doesn’t matter how much it’s gonna hurt the world or endanger our kids and grandkids.

That’s about as soft a man as I have ever seen.

Iran won’t be allowed to get a nuclear weapon under a Trump administration. Can’t say what will happen if a DEM is elected in 2020.

What a shallow statement. First, the termination of the deal put us at a weaker position in this battle. Second, not knowing even who the Democratic nominee will be makes this wishful thinking or dreaming more than anything else. Remember, it was a Democratic president that made this deal which WAS working before Trump hit it with a sledge hammer.


I’m not really saying anything controversial here. I’m 100% convinced Trump will take military action if necessary to prevent Iran from getting the bomb.

As you point out, we don’t know who the DEM nominee will be. It is for that reason that I state that I can’t say what would happen.

Thus I’m certain what Trump will do, but I really don’t know what a DEM will do.

Given Trump’s weak showing so far with his foreign policy, I don’t think he’d be able to stop a mouse.

lets say trump does take military action.
how many american civilian deaths are you willing to accept when Iran responds with attacks on American soil?

You are certainly welcome to your opinion.

So we just let them get nuclear weapons with the means to deliver them to American soil?