Trump Is Playing His Supporters Again

In the wake of the new Obamagate claims (not sure what happened to Hunter Biden), Trump’s below 2016 post election interview popped in my head:

The subject of prosecuting Hillary comes up at 4:24. Trump immediately dances around it, says he wants to focus on jobs, how “they are good people”, and gosh darnit he doesn’t want to hurt them!

This is after people were chanting LOCK HER UP at the RNC Convention for crying out loud. Jailing Hillary was a main campaign platform.

This whole put everyone in jail red meat was used in 2016 and guess what? Trump didn’t do anything.

Just like he won’t do anything about Obama, Comey or Hunter/Joe.

He’s playing his supporters like always


Go with that.

At this point in 2016 the obama/obiden administration had already sent people to spy on the trump campaign.

I guess it must be alright to do.

Good thing trump has class and says it should never happen again. Can’t say that for obiden and crew.


not to mention IRS audits…

Thank you for your concern.

Take care of your own house first.

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Great post
Great thread


Obviously the bar for what is considered classy has fallen considerably since 2016.


That’s the problem people want to pretend this started in 2016. This is how the government has always worked we’re just getting to see it more in the open.

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No, it hasn’t.

Like a fiddle

BTW, what ever came of that bombshell birth certificate evidence that he had.

I’m beginning to believe those who say that this administration has no concept of objective truth.

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Check is in the mail. Don’t worry about it. By the way, how many of “the best people” are behind bars now? I’ve lost count.

Thanks for stopping by. :roll_eyes:

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Me: Do sheep eat red meat? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Trump Supporter: Here…hold my :beer:

:cut_of_meat: :sheep:

You really don’t have your eyes open, do you? Trump is cleaning the internal, Obama hold over swamp, that has been impeding his administration since the inception of his term. Now…how are your ears? Can you not hear the pigs squealing as they object to these terminations? Bam…I’m loving it.

If there was nothing to quid pro joe then why do libs need to flock to a hannity website and downplay it?


How is Obama an Obama hold over?

Who is Steve Linick and Michael Atkinson?

I don’t think you’re following the thread very well

…and I think your eyes are closed to what’s happening that was the basis used to create it.