Trump is hijacking 4th of July- changing it from a national celebration to a campaign event

This was’t a sin. It was inevitable product of human culture.

no its about not pretending everything was perfect from the the day America was born.

speaking as someone who people have been the victim of abuse by force of the government, my family had their land stolen and sold without our consent.

when someone bring up the bad stuff it isn’t about shaming America/Canada/etc its about making sure we don’t repeat those mistakes.

right now there are complex issue facing American, Native, Blacks, Immigrant, etc and if we ignore how we handled those complex issues before we are doomed to repeat those abuses of power.

a country should always push forward to become better.


Nothing personal. Just my opinion, dude.

This…if he didnt make it about himself in the speech alright…its still stupid but meh…alright

So you can’t point us to a country or non country 240 years ago that was better than the USof A can you? France brought the Revolution that brought the deaths of many. Incas they enslaved and killed many, Aztecs were at war with many tribes, Aztecs were sacrificing people and tearing hearts out. The reason why the Indians or Native Americans in North America sided with either the French or British because they wanted help in beating the other Native American tribes, they warred with each other. Of course this country has flaws, but every country in the world has flaws, but there is and has always been greatness in this country in the midst of the flaws. You can choose to dwell in its flaws but I won’t. de Tocqueville wrote about this country and its greatness and uniqueness.

Airports back in the 1700’s?

What’s up with fat donald’s heavy sniffing and slurred speech?

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Canada we are the best.

You still don’t get it. The worst mistake in the history of the human race was the domestication of plants and animals and sedentary life. Since that time, inequality among humans has only amplified. The power of a central governing body was extended further by the first urban places and the origins of the state. Since that time most humans have been among the have-nots; slaves or peasants. In some instances that has reversed, particularly in times of energy abundance.

I do not subscribe to a return to the Paleolithic. It’s the future, however, which is questionable. And the evolution of human culture has not provided much confidence in that regard.

You are wacked out, we shouldn’t eat plants or meat. Slavery has existed in all cultures still exists in many Cultures Black Africans enslaved right now by Arab Muslims, liberals don’t even care about now. People lived to about 35-40 years and died early you want to go back to that, get rid of all our advancements. le them die in heat and cold. But hey they can’t even be hunterers and gatherers that is mean to the animals, you should have told Lions to eat plants.

Nah he said airports, someone just posted a vid of it…

So, you have no clue. Well now you are offending my profession.

He said airports.

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That sedentary life gave rise to modern medicine, science, art and music.

And the diseases of overcrowding, human inequality, progressive environmental destruction, etc. But, well you know, I do love Mozart. But that’s not really the point.

You are correct.

This is what you get when you vote in trash…
I’ll take corpse man over 1776 airports every day…


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What, they didn’t teach you guys about the Battle of LaGuardia Airport in high school?


Not the point you were making no, but it has to be part of the equation.

Since the founding of the United States the percentage of free peoples in the world has gone from virtually zero percent to forty percent, inexorably moving in that direction most of the time with some small losses in the last few years, but that is likely just a blip, as the idea has been unleashed. China is a completely different country than it was fifty years ago as is Russia though they have slipped a good deal under Putin.

Technology is allowing people in North Korea to learn about the outside world no matter how hard rocketman tries to stop it. As bad as poverty is in many parts of America, it pales in comparison to a century ago. Famine is far less prevalent than it was in my own lifetime. Most first world developed nations have universal healthcare. Fossil fuels and all the pollution that comes with them are slowly being replaced right before our eyes, although clearly we have a long way to go, but it is happening.

We find ourselves in the beginning stages of a free world with centuries to go before that goal has any hope of becoming reality but the push is inexorable. Ten thousand years of tyranny is coming to an end.

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Before it was equality of poverty, dying early of disease dying in cold and heat. Progress in light, cars, medicine leads to a rise in the standard of living of all. Advances leads to distribution of those advancements even going to the poorer people. African life expectancy has skyrocketed even though not equal to others.