Trump is hijacking 4th of July- changing it from a national celebration to a campaign event

And the diseases of overcrowding, human inequality, progressive environmental destruction, etc. But, well you know, I do love Mozart. But that’s not really the point.

You are correct.

This is what you get when you vote in trash…
I’ll take corpse man over 1776 airports every day…


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What, they didn’t teach you guys about the Battle of LaGuardia Airport in high school?


Not the point you were making no, but it has to be part of the equation.

Since the founding of the United States the percentage of free peoples in the world has gone from virtually zero percent to forty percent, inexorably moving in that direction most of the time with some small losses in the last few years, but that is likely just a blip, as the idea has been unleashed. China is a completely different country than it was fifty years ago as is Russia though they have slipped a good deal under Putin.

Technology is allowing people in North Korea to learn about the outside world no matter how hard rocketman tries to stop it. As bad as poverty is in many parts of America, it pales in comparison to a century ago. Famine is far less prevalent than it was in my own lifetime. Most first world developed nations have universal healthcare. Fossil fuels and all the pollution that comes with them are slowly being replaced right before our eyes, although clearly we have a long way to go, but it is happening.

We find ourselves in the beginning stages of a free world with centuries to go before that goal has any hope of becoming reality but the push is inexorable. Ten thousand years of tyranny is coming to an end.

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Before it was equality of poverty, dying early of disease dying in cold and heat. Progress in light, cars, medicine leads to a rise in the standard of living of all. Advances leads to distribution of those advancements even going to the poorer people. African life expectancy has skyrocketed even though not equal to others.

I appreciate your optimism. I am a devote pessimist. I don’t think that there is a moral value one way or the other. We can debate fossil fuel and the alternatives. My guess, and it is only that, is that alternative energies cannot scale up the the inevitable declines of ancient sunlight. I think we’ll need to prepare for a lower energy future and I don’t know how that will play out. Just my opinion, man.

Sorry, that was meant to be a reply to Florida Yankee.

Are we sure relentlessly beating ourselves up over the past is the best way to heal? We have been doing it for a long time and yet it continues and even grows louder. Here we are in 2019 talking about reparations, busing, and Betsy Ross.

The Germans have a word for it “Geschichtsmüde” which basically translates to “tired of history”, teaching Germans who wasn’t even on the planet to feel guilt for something they didn’t do. This is purely a western thing China, Japan, Turkey and pretty much every country in the world don’t practice this self loathing, and quiet frankly they make fun of us for it and have special words for western liberal guilt.

Yup, I could tell lol. Fusion will be on the horizon some blanking day, probably not in our lifetimes as the game changer it will be eventually, but it’s coming. I don’t understand pessimism, I honestly don’t. ■■■■ can get me down, I’m not saying that of course, but overall, there is just too much reason for optimism in the long run. :slight_smile:

If you stop talking about you.
people will forget that it happened.

how many kid really know about the political climate that lead to the trail of tears? and why people supported it.

let look at Native American issues in America, you think they are being treated well by the government they are were driven off their land and shipped off to glorified ghetto, they have the highest high school drop out rate, the highest murder rate, the highest sexual assault rate, some reservation don’t even have water.

a female Native American is more likely to be raped then finish high school.

we continue to let this happen to our citizen (Canada, and America). we need to be forced to see the ugliness of our choices both good and bad and do better.

If we stop talking about our mistakes how we will ever learn from them.

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Spy vs. Spy. Not in a position to dispute.

And children prefer fantasy to reality. It’s often so much more exciting.

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Despite my level of contrarianism, I wish you all a happy holiday. It’s fun to spar with all of you guys. I was free tonight to chat because my wife is out of town. I have only my old blind doggie (Italian Greyhound) to attend to. But i have a busy day tomorrow working on my science experiments for the coming school year.


Latest Rasmussen daily has Trump at 46% approval.

Weather at 58%.

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Same to you.

I grew up with the “Lost Cause” being taught in my school as to what the Civil War was about. I did not really learn that the major issue of the first half of the 1800’s and the expansion of the US was slavery.

All of that was glossed over.

I never learned that before the “Trail of Tears” that the Cherokee formed their own state of New Echota in order to get legitimacy and establish themselves as a sovereign to fend off the US government.

There is a lot of history of the US that has been thrown down the memory hole and a lot of it is not good.

In fairness (and there’s no way trump knows this) Israel does still use an engineering variant of the M4 chassis with a diesel power train. They converted them in the 1980s after they were finally taken out of service.

I am open to hear about what can be done for native Americans in my country. I am also willing to discuss issues of groups with others. What do you think the government needs to do for Native Americans?

Suicide is up accross the board, the west is becoming very expensive to live in. Rich foreigners buying up property, the importing in of H1B tech workers who will work for 1/3rd of what and American would work for. And then you have the outsourcing of jobs overseas. None of these things will help any group in this country other than the corporation that employs them, democrats use to know this.

Like I said I am willing to talk about anything, I just hate the identity politics of our country we are so split. To think Biden took a knock in the polls because he wasn’t for busing in which the majority of the country agrees with him. But all it took was a sad story from one of the 1% elite who happens to have a different skin pigmentation give a lecture to him.

And one of the things that always bugged me is when all of this ire is directed mostly towards white people (men specifically) because of wealth why do they exclude Asians? Asian people make more money than any other race in the country, yet since they are in the minority, what I just said gets to no mention whatsoever. And at a time when were at each others throats on how to get along the left thinks its a good idea to decriminalize the border. I would rather pay reparations than do that.