Trump is gathering together a new anti-globalist fellowship of nations

Trump’s economic and political successes are continuing to win over nations who want prosperity and independence from the tyranny of the new world order. The US, Israel, India, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil, Japan… maybe Egypt, and more. Fair reciprocal trade deals between these nations will be good for all.


any fellowship that has Saudi Arabia in it I don’t want any part in.

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So we should all pull out of the UN?

Well, a fellowship of President Trump and prime minister Modi will be a fellowship of fools. :laughing:

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So he is forming a global coalition of anti-globalists? :thinking::joy:



Only in Trump’s mind. :rofl:

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Do you know what “globalist” means? › …
ওয়েব ফলাফলগুলি
Globalist - Urban Dictionary


A globalist is someone who believes that ultimately all borders and nations should be dissolved, resulting in one single world government. The motivations behind this ideology can be catagorised into political and economic motivations.

Support for globalism is strong among corporations and the super rich for a number of reasons:

  1. The destruction or weakening of nation states would allow corporations to gain notably more power.
  2. The movement of cheap labour from areas of low demand to areas of high demand would allow for wages to be kept low, along with providing a source of disposable labour.
  3. It would allow the free movement of goods without tariffs and individual national laws.

Support for globalism also comes from neo-marxists because:

  1. They believe that countries separate successful and unsuccessful people, doing away with borders would allow those who have not to take from those who have.
  2. The idea that mass immigration would result in the destruction of ethnic groups which Neo-Marxists do not like. These ethnic groups include Europeans, Jews, and East Asians.

Left wing politicians also support globalism because mass immigration provides them with a reliable voting block (who very rarely if ever vote for right wing parties).

“I don’t understand why this republican wants mass immigration!”
“Well that’s simple, he’s a globalist! He wants cheap mexican labour…”

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Urban Dictionary? Seriously?


Excellent news! Don’t let the wet blankets bring your mood down either. They’re still jealous. lol

Trump doesn’t want fair trade.

That solves it, folks. @Colfax has spoken about Trump. :rofl:

I know, Trump says something he doesn’t really mean. Crazy, right?

Righter than you think. lol

So, there is a globalist effort underway to end globalist efforts?




Freedom is slippery!

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I’m just a vulgar commoner, using the language of commoners. Please, forgive me. :pleading_face:

LMAO…@ getting definitions from the Urban Dictionary.
While you’re there look up baggin or blow smoke

A global fellowship of anti-globalists -it’s as ludicrous as a white nationalist becoming a member of the Black Panther Party