Trump is complicit


Hey…if a storm is going to hit let it hit libsville.


The diagnosis is…TDS




It’s amazing that you really can’t help yourself.

Also… if you think that the outer banks of North Carolina is deeply Red… you are very wrong about that.


The US is a signatory. Trump can’t pull out until 2020. All he did was send them a letter of intent.


I am going to turn the storm north, then decide if it goes back out to sea to die off or heads towards libsville



The snobs from New York/New Jerseys has been moving in.


Typical Conan wanting to see people suffer because he is so miserable.


I mean this in the most Jim Halpert way possible…

nobody cares


I rather it be libsville.


Thankfully there were plucky multinational energy corporations to stand up to those evil scientists bent on world domination.


Come on man.


Ah hoping for it to kill you since libsville is a place in your head where libs live rent free.


I bet most libs are wishing that emergency planing goes haywire.So you all can blame it on Trump and bad local republican goverment.

The only difference between me and libs. I prefer it was libs. :wink:


You should have read more Dr. Suess as a kid.

Yes, there are du du heads…don’t give them your money.



I grew up there. I have quite a bit of family in Currituck and Dare County. I lived on the Outer Banks. While you are wanting a hurricane to hit “libville” I am wondering about the very real effects of freinds and family actually being displaced. I am worried that the town of Manteo on Roanoke Island,where I used to live, will get flooded out once again like it has on an almost biannual basis. Will this be the one to put friends who own businesses there out for good? Who knows.

Wishing harm on your fellow countrymen let alone human beings is deplorable… even if you are doing it in jest to “own the libs”.

Grow the ■■■■ up.


When I hear comments that Trump supporters are getting what they deserve.


Nah… it is hilarious to think that evil
Globalist scientists were countered by lobbyists from globalist energy corporations and that flies right past you.


No need to get in the muck with it.


When you have people made this storm political…you suffer the consequences.