Trump is complicit


You’re not a lib, you’re just aggravating sometimes.


He’s an aggravating lib but generally a straight shooter.:grinning:


They were all hoping it would be class 5 that would destroy entire east coast so they can blame it on Trump and repugs for mid term election.

They want to storm to overwhelm our emergency system so they can have their nightly news/propaganda.


Sebastian Gorka on Hannity said, “Dems believe Trump is Poseidon.”




No projection…it’s how libs roll.


Lol…Stormy Florence and her attorney are coming up on Tucker Carlson


Frankly I was hoping it would have headed north into libsville.

Then we could blame it on lib poor emergency planing when they screw it up.



Jesus, dude. I didn’t even have to bait you.


I’m just yanking your chain…


Living up to that deplorable label.


Instead good hard working American folks are going to suffer when it should be libsville.


In his defense, he supports a guy who threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans and called the response great, so…


I agree with you.

The editorial was poorly thought out, ham handed and adds zero to the conversation.

There is a way to talk about the politics surrounding the failure to address the changing climate… this wasn’t it by a lkng shot.


Continuing with that deplorable thing.


And you wonder why I feel the way I do.


Didnt the gays cause Katrina


You are the one wishing harm on your fellow countrymen and women.

Not me.


Climate Change is nature. Humankind are like little ants, being unable to effect certain things beyond their paygrade.

It’s superstition and stupidity to think meager (pseudo) “scientists” employees of globalist power mad, despots have anything figured out.