Trump is about to interrupt Biden, again

As New leaked emails about Biden’s Hunter Son dealings is emerging,some news outlets like the politico has come out in the defense of Joe Biden by going as far to suggest and claim that Joe Biden wasnt hiding in his basement or home.

Yet that doesn’t explain why the last few months ago Biden was nowhere to be seen on the news. Politico is now defending Joe Biden because the campaign today has put the team on a lid.

> # Trump is about to interrupt Biden, again

This morning, 20 days from Election Day, the Biden campaign called a lid and the Trump campaign[ called foul

Yes politico a campaign called a lid on the same day as NYPost leaked emails about Hunter Son came out a bit strange if with anything. Probably Biden team trying to figure out how to face it?

For whatevet reason Politico is betting on and counting the polls to be proven right this time so they are claiming that polls will be proven right like in 2016. Irioncal enough in this artlice they state that the dems are looking police unions as a police reform.

DEMS LOOK FOR UNITY ON POLICE UNIONS — Earlier this year, House Democrats were close to pushing through a bill that would have cemented the power of police unions across the country, national political reporter Laura Barrón-López writes. The bill would have granted the federal right to form a union and bargain contracts to firefighters, emergency medical personnel and police, including in states that currently prohibit some in public safety from negotiating collectively for wages and working conditions.

police unions to determine misconduct standards in their contracts, which are increasingly viewed as a barrier to holding police accountable for wrongdoing. But labor organizations weren’t pleased with the idea of singling out police affiliates by restricting their ability to bargain over disciplinary standards in the bill.

Then the coronavirus pandemic exploded, and negotiations stalled. Today, that bill is dead, and not because of the pandemic. This fight has created a political squeeze for Democrats, especially in the progressive wing of the party, whose historic support for unions is in direct conflict with their new mandate to wring the racial unfairness out of American policing.

At this point the important poll is the one in Nov not the national polls. Which were strongly in favor of Hillary as well. The NYTimes had Hillary by a larger margin.

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