Trump invites a witness to Biden's deals with China

Trump invites witness to Biden and son’s deals with China…

witness? the moderator will protect Joe…

I don’t think the msm and the internet will be able to shield their candidate too much longer…

The moderator should put the witness on the stand.

Lt Sinohawk of

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I heard him speak a little while ago and he was very impressive. :+1:t2: :clap: :clap:

Trump should probably steer clear of that story, just to avoid getting suplexed on his Chinese taxes and bank account.

This is the last presidential debate. Rather than touting his accomplishments, he’s going to waste time on allegations against someone who’s not even on the stage with him. Just doesn’t seem like a good play.

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Is this the same guy who said he wanted to tell the truth then go back to obscurity?

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And the only record of whom before Giuliani’s World was as the loser of a $635,000 lawsuit?

(Can’t IMAGINE what his motivation might be to appear on this particular show…)

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it will be interesting to see Biden’s reaction when he points to the witness and says “I thought you never discussed business with your son? You said you never discussed business with your son. You’ve met Tony Bobulinski before, remember he was with your son when you discussed business?”

This is how you see it playing out?

for starters

And Joe could say this guy is lying I’ve never met him. His company was incorporated 2 days after the supposed email. Smells fishy.

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Correction “smells as fishy as your Chinese bank account, Mr. President”

Or maybe “Dunhuang Don”.


Didn’t you know it’s just good business to make your deals as a private citizen with no liability protections, and then incorporate afterward?

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Shoot, here I thought one had protection as long as they are thinking about becoming incorporated


Same guy who said he was upset that Hunter went behind his back and made money without him.

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No, no, no. When moving money for connected people, in and out of China, it’s best to go it alone without even a single member LLC to hide behind.

Well I can see the guy’s point.

I mean, he kinda needs $635K right now…

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They do it all the time in the movies.
This is just like a movie, except Bruce Willis isn’t coming in to save the day.


Maybe Biden can ask Trump how much he’s paying this guy.

You’d think the son of a ‘37 year Army intelligence officer’ would have better instincts.