Trump intended to break up NATO and alliance with South Korea if he was re-elected

Mr. Trump had intended to break up NATO, and the US alliance with South Korea if he was re-elected

So, what does everybody think?

It seems to me that this would have been a wholesale retreat from world affairs, and an abandonment of the international system the U.S set up and benefitted from after WWII.

Now, this is an article from a left-leaning source, and is therefore dismissive of Trump and boosts Biden.

I stipulate to that up front, so let’s not argue about the source, and instead discuss the proposition: would this have been a good idea or a bad idea?


he “lost”. get over it already

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ooh reposting the op changes everything

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That’s some of the flakiest revisionist political fantasy writing I’ve ever read on this forum.

Was that lifted from a satire site?

" Trump had privately indicated ," That sounds convincing.


lol you gotta understand. they need this

Sure, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Trump was hostile to both alliances.

sorry but i dont find it credible enough to contemplate

kos is way out there

Maybe you ought to sit this one out. I actually wanna hear some views on this, not read “clever” one liners.

i quite agree

Realm of possibility…

Especially in a lib’s mind.


You understand that this is out there, right? Trump did question the need for both alliances

show us

The way he talked about NATO I have no doubt that pulling out was on his mind. Trump supporters can’t admit that his best interest was front and center and not what would have been best for the US. I think that he desperately wanted to do real estate deals in Russia. And the way he talked to Kim about his great oceanside property, he was perhaps also considering doing some deals with NK.

let’s see Trump’s comments about NATO besides the US taxpayers not having to pay for everyone else

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Libs will believe anything

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So you’ll just project and project and pretend that it’s some sort of reality.


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You know what, that’s fair. He thought that America was being taken advantage of, and was hostile towards them.

However, according to Mark Esper, Trump intended to pull America from both alliances in his second term.

To the contrary, I am interested in what people think had this actually come to pass.