Trump insults Meghan and John McCain

What do you want me to do to trump?
Seems funny you want to cry about trump saying something mean but defend the old pervert who caused the deaths of 13 soldiers and left a lot of US citizens to die in Afghanistan.
Seems to be an admission that your are ok with what jbiden has done or your afraid to anger your idol and his followers.


Not being his lapdog would be a good start.


That’s pretty funny. Biden has been married 45 years and I don’t recall him paying off a single porn star. Much more class than your hero.

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It is very difficult, if not nigh impossible, to defend the indefensible.

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OK with disparaging dead Americans or just too afraid to go against Trump. Understood.

We already saw the deflection tactic. Does that work? Please though, more about Biden. It has spoken volumes thus far.


The two actions are not mutually exclusive.

What in the world!?

What is the point of a statement like this?

no, but thanks to his shared bank account he has paid off a few hookers


What bothers me is the AZ vote portion.

I cannot get on board with this. I would not support him running again because of it.

The Megan part…OK.

Trump needs to look forward or stay behind.

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You could condemn his actions. He is the leader of your party and most likely the gop candidate for 2024. Is this how you want your parties candidate to act?

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There we go.


Looks like he’s melting down to me


I never said that. Not condemning the leader of your party for spewing this kind of nonsense, vile hatred toward vets and former POWs, his family, and spreading lies about the election does not mean you are just like him.

It does mean something, but it’s not necessarily that.

I think this is the warm up for the release of his new social platform. Get everyone outraged at his ‘tweets’ again so people flock to the new site.

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Ex president and leader of the GOP Donald Trump.


You couple this statement and the one about Powell and it shows what a petty awful person Trump is. I don’t get how you rationalize away that fact. His policies weren’t that great. He’s certainly no knight. :wink:


Well played …lol :+1:

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This should be posted in every Trump-vs-Biden quibble thread.

Right-leaners SHOULD be able to say, “Yeah, that’s a bad move,” when it comes to stuff like Trump-tweets such as the one that started this thread. Bad mojo there, Don. But far too often the response is, “But Biden …”

On the flip side, left-leaners should be able to do the same about Biden’s stuff. Instead the response is, “But Trump…”

It gets old.


Maybe someone could post some of these Biden quotes. Trump says something distasteful, then there are references to nebulous Biden quotes where he apparently has said something equally distasteful or worse. If he has, I’d have no problem denouncing them. I think that’s the issue. Trump comes out and says something using his own letterhead. We then hear how bad Biden is but there’s nothing to back it.

Sorry. Not playing that game.

I made an observation about something we could all employ and improve the level of discussion here. You’re just calling for remaining at the garbage level of exchange we have already.

Try someone else.

Keeping his name in the news.

Negative attention is better than no attention.