Trump inciting violence


Let me know when he Assassinates an American Citizen.


You are worried about an american citizen who plotted terrorist attack towards america? Honestly ■■■■ that guy


what would it mean if the muslim picturered was in the us congress making dismissive comments about the attack?


Thread synopsis:

  1. Omar ■■■■■■ up by saying “some people did something”. Thoughtlessly, she trivialized an event that is seared into the memory of every adult American. She deserves to be criticized for it.
  2. Trump ■■■■■■ up by releasing that video. It is beneath the dignity of his office to respond in such fashion, and it encourages fringe elements of his base. He may not be directly responsible for the death threats, but he’s done nothing I’m aware of to condemn or discourage them.



the video is already public. he just re-posted as a reminder that we should not dismiss or trivialize that attack as she has done

crazies using that as the basis for death threats is not trump’s fault or problem to address

(btw has anyone actually verified these threats are occurring?)


Yes, that’s why he posted that video, to remind people of 9/11.


Muslim + 9/11 = chicken ■■■■ republicans losing their ■■■■… Murica


So you think his behavior in reposting it was appropriate for the President. I disagree, as do most people I’ve discussed it with. I can’t name another President who I believe would have done it.


Hey any figure sounds good if you have no idea of the initial number.


Trump does Trump. who cares what other presidents do. republicans always fought dirty dem tactics using marcus of queensberry rules. Trump brings a broken bottle.

the point is it wasnt meant to (and shouldnt) incite violence.

you cant fix crazy


not sure what you’re talking about.


Actual facts about this increase in threats. I’d like to see the facts. Something fishy going on, I can smollett from here.


I’m not. Seems to be a lot of cons that are obsessed.


Typical narcissistic behavior. Stir crap up then make yourself the victim. The alt left has mastered this strategy.


She is not receiving death threats. Those are simply some people saying something


Again Trump knows what he is doing …


Let’s hope they are not threatening stones to kill her. I don’t ever want an American woman to have to endure the full Muslim experience.


How Christian of you… Brown Jesus would be proud


This is just so stupid.


This is:
Trump said We will never forget 9-11
Liberals “he wants to kill all women!”