Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


They’ve already shut down Trump U and the Trump Foundation and it wasn’t because they finally got tired of winning. And that’s since he’s been President.


Honor. Integrity.


You mean the Federal investigators, not the Trumps, right? (rhetorical)


We have gone thru over two years with “hundreds of posts from others, pointing out” the false assumptions of Trump’s Russian collusion. Sorry, but lunatics afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome, babbling about how guilty of imagined crimes they think Trump is, do not make their babbling into fact.

Here is a test, if you think Trump’s press conference was supporting white supremacists in Charlottesville, then you are one of those babbling people above, and afflicted with TDS.


Here is an actual test: If you think the problem with his press conference was that he didn’t mouth the words “I support white supremacists!”, so there’s no problem, YOU’RE the one with TDS.

Or: If you believed him when he said “I meant to say, ‘I don’t know why they would instead of woudn’t’,” you’re the one with TDS.


Becuase reps are too beholden to him.



So, do you ever cite the events in Charlottesville, or Trump’s press conference comments as your proof that Trump either is a white supremacist, or that he supports white supremacists? Or are you just going to deflect again?


Exactly! Tell that to the morons behind the endless investigations of the 2016 election! :roll_eyes: It’s leftist liberal and Democrat political harassment and tyranny.


Crimes were committed, the guilty have been charged, sentences have been handed out, investigations continue.

Law and Order.

Don’t hire criminals and this won’t happen.


My theory on why Donald Trump likes to hire so many criminals is that he knows they get things done. They don’t have honor or integrity to hold them back.


I cite the facts:

  • He originally failed to firmly rebuke the white supremacists because they are a part of his base, as are those who support that creed in private, but won’t do so publicly because, whoo boy, that’s a BAD look.
  • He then backtracked his initial comments because, whoo boy, THAT was a bad look. And he clearly hated having to do it.
  • Well, the base was not happy about it either. So he issued a THIRD statement. We have to assume this was what he WANTED to say all along: that some white supremacists are good people, certainly no worse than the people on the other side who protested their little jamboree. Lest we forget, he made this false equivalency AFTER one of the white supremacists RAN DOWN A WOMAN IN HIS CAR.

I think that pretty much covers it, 100% deflection-free. Any questions?


Agree 100%.


I don’t think those things automatically make Trump a racist more than a politician unwilling to call out a significant part of his base.


Don’t hire criminal investigators & political harassment and tyranny wont happen!


Trump is the best Presidential Harasser ever. Most people don’t even know. Alone, he kept the birther harassment movement on a witch hunt for most of both Obama’s terms.


I apologize in advance for hanging this on you, but you DID write it, and I see it as a common problem.

Nowhere in my post did I state, or even imply, that Donald Trump is a racist. What I did imply is that he is shamelessly, and shamefully, pandering to a base that includes some racists.

Call me naive, but I do think it’s possible to engage in constructive dialogue in forms such as this. But we have to be careful, given the inherent inability to communicate non-verbally, to take people’s words at their face value. Otherwise, we wind up in one of those ridiculous 20-post, “But you said;” “No I didn’t;” “Yes you did!” flame wars.


I apologize if I misintepreted your post. And I agree Trump was shamelessly pandering to the racist element of his base and in no way was I trying to excuse that.


No worries. Like I said, didn’t want to call you out so much as make the point about responding to what is said with as little filtering of it as possible.


Another false pejorative spewed by ignorant Trump-haters. Time and time again, the news media has accused trump of not denouncing white supremacist groups, and each time he does it the news media suffers amnesia, and rinse-repeat, demands Trump denounce white supremacist groups.

And whoo boy, they are doing it yet again today, over the shootings in New Zealand. Without fail, the useful idiots on the left echo the news media’s demands for Trump to denounce white supremacist groups. It never ends.

Here, maybe you don’t pay attention to politics, so that is why you are confused. This clip is from three years ago. since that interview Trump has been harangued by the news media to rebuke, reject, disavow and denounce these groups, and he does it again. But it falls of death and dumb ears, because a month later, the same dishonest, lib’tard news media are demanding he do it again, or it’s proof he’s a racist.

The rest of you post is simply not worth referring to, because you clearly past the test, and are in the grips of TDS, and are beyond help.


Show me proof that Trump said some white supremacists are good people.
Because from what I heard him say was that there were some good people at Charlottesville.
Are you able to provide proof that all the people at Charlottesville were all white supremacists and Antifa if you have the proof show it. Or admit that you are making things up.