Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


Yes…there was a trump inc podcast " pump ans dump" about her and a hotel or resort etc…she is a lying sack of ■■■■ just like her father…


Her, Jr., and Eric are all in the mold of their corrupt scumbag father.


Quite well. Check out the NY Times or WashPost for some real reporting on it.


Exactly…and they fooled millions


Yo, yo, yo… That girl is dirty bro! What we need is to get someone not in her pocket to really investigate her even just a little. Man, you know there be so much illegal ■■■■ on her it would be easy if someone just tried a little tiny bit even. Damn…


So it seems that there were multiple shell companies formed to funnel foreign money into the inauguration.

Quite an interesting article. One of the illegal donors is Cyrus Vandrevala, a Mumbai born London Finacier who has real estate interests in India. His Father in law is Niranjan Hiranandani, a huge figure in Indian real estate and the head of their lobbying group.

It just happens to be that Don Jr lists India as a big push for them and they already have four investments there in their portfolio.


The dems want to investigate every day of Trump’s life. Why? simple, they want it to become impossible for Trump to get anyone to volunteer to donate to his campaign, work on his campaign, serve in his administration, associate with him in anyway, shape or form, for fear that the federal government will “investigate” them.

Why would anyone agree to join the Trump 2020 campaign, when the dems will bankrupt them with lawyer fees tied to endless speculative investigations, and on top of that, watch their reputations and character get dragged thru the mud by the hate-Trump news media, ast happened to Kavanaugh.


The Dems want to investigate Trump because he’s corrupt.


No one wanted to work for Trump’s campaign in the first place which is why he was stuck with the crooks and bottom feeders.


Exactly. It’s funny to ignore all the curroption and dirty dealings to ask why, oh why are they investigating Trump.


You should submit your resume.


They cannot point to one piece of corruption. This is just more of the same, using the power of government to manufacture cooked up dirty partisan politics, like the ignorant Russian collusion sham.

The dems hate that Trump beat Hilary, and they are trying to destroy his presidency with rumors, innuendo, gossip, fake news, and out right lies.

Now, with endless investigative fishing trips, they are trying to destroy the personal and professional lives and reputations of anyone who dares to be related to Trump, associate with Trump, campaign for Trump, or do business with Trump. And with never ending lawyer fees associated with these witch hunts, they will try and bankrupt all these people.


And yet you cannot cite any corruption at all.

Just like with fake Russian collusion crap, all you have are speculation, rumors, gossip, innuendo, crack pot conspiracy theories, all fueled by TDS .



Have you been following the news at all?


Which of the various investigations do you believe to be fishing trips?


There are only two ways to rationally justify this position:

  1. You don’t read the hundreds of posts from others, pointing out specific instances of apparent or flat-out naked corruption.
  2. You don’t believe a single forum post, news item, court filing, or scene from a congressional hearing detailing specific instances of apparent or flat-out naked corruption.

Which is it? It literally boggles my mind that Trumpies can consider him to be pure as the driven snow. The most well-known example (SDNY prosecutors state unequivocally that Individual-1 (Trump) directed Michael Cohen to pay Stormy Daniels $130K days before the election, a violation of campaign finance law) is irrefutable. It happened on tape, and there is supporting financial documentation. You can’t argue he didn’t do it - you can ONLY argue that it’s not a violation, but you are arguing against career prosecutors who make these judgments every day.

What color is the sky in Trump World?



First of all we have to wait and see what the Mueller report says. And we know that the SDNY and at minimum the NYAG offices are looking into Trump Org. When asked why the SDNY had not previously looked at Trump Org., a former federal prosecutor who worked in the office said that the Trump Company is very small compared to other New York real estate companies. But that changed when they received information of possible money laundering. Film at eleven.


The corruption, crimes, and scandals are more numerous than any other administration in our nation’s history. If you are unfamiliar with the facts, perhaps expand your sources of information.


Well going from the king of debt to paying cash for everything would make one wonder.