Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


You keep on, keepin on and maybe this investigation will actually uncover criminal activity, instead of the continual nightly newscasts screaming about nothing burgers that all the good sheople love to eat.


The use of nothing berders and sheeple are a way of deflect8ng for the fact the man you support is under a lot, mean a lot of investigations. It is a coping meathod.


The investigation would probably be done by now after having uncovered the extent of illegal Russian meddling in our election for the express purpose of helping Trump, however people around Trump just keep lying about their connections with the hacks and with Russians. So it takes a little longer, understandably, when you don’t get cooperation from supposedly patriotic Americans.

There’s no one to blame if anything is actually derailed (I see no evidence of that so enlighten me if you can) other than Trump and his associates.


So be more bothered about the effects of the drug war then.

That has been much more destructive if one is concerned about equal application.

Plus it is really the lowest of the hanging fruit on this issue.


He won’t.


Nothing burgers? Roger Stone has been indicted and will go to prison. He coordinated with WikiLeaks who was working with Russia to attack our nation. Does that not bother you?

The GRU has been indicted for their attacks on America. Does that not bother you?

Tons of Russian money is being funneled to the business of the President of the United States, and that doesn’t bother you?

Is faith in a political party more important than the rule of law, or the protection of America from an onslaught of attacks by a hostile foreign nation, in your opinion?

Because honestly, it comes across that way.


Did you want Clinton prosecuted for having a private server?


Sounds exactly like the… what was it? … seven Benghazi investigations.

Oh… not exactly because in this one people are actually going to jail.


Actually…I’m bz attempting to cope with all that’s on my daily plate and hope that nothing drops. All that’s going on in the media is either a distraction, entertainment or both…just like here and now.


I financially supported a retired, local pharmacist in our local election whose primary agenda is to fight the opiod addiction that’s infecting our country. There are many fronts that I attempt to fight the good fight, my friend. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes considering what needs to be addressed this current day. Having that in mind…gotta go. Have a super duper, Trump double scooper day.


How’s it going ?

34 indictments and/or guilty pleas thus far.

For someone who’s a supporter of the “Law and order” president, you seem strangely indifferent to … law and order.


Good for you.

But don’t think that it has gone unnoticed that the tone on the drug war has softened due to who is being effected more by the opioid epidemic.

Go back and look at the response to the crack epidemic and the epidemic of today and see how this “equal application” attitude holds up.

It is perhaps the dumbest complaint that I have heard from the CEC in a while. The reason being that it only applies to one specific person and has been a very recent concern.

It’s almost like they don’t really mean it, but want to gin up outrage to cover for the crimes that the current administration is embroiled in.


Well a bunch of people have been convicted for one.


Funny how you went from denying any of this was true to saying it’s unfair that they’re being convicted of perfectly legit crimes because something something.

You can take the exit ramp from crazytown anytime.





It doesn’t bother them one bit.

If it did, they would be upset. Just like the umpteenth investigations into Benghazi. Or the outrage over Libya. Or a tan suit. Or a personal server.


Nation of laws…you’re a funny man. When our top law enforcement is more corrupt then Russian mafia.


How can you, as an American citizen, claim this?

It really is a sad time in our history when a percentage of Americans truly believe that the Russian mafia is less corrupt than the DOJ. I guess what Trump said in Helsinki was true, he (as well as his ardent supporters) believe Russia over the DOJ.


Oh please. Enough already.


Hyperbole doesn’t change reality. We are a nation of laws. And we each have the choice of supporting the enforcement of these laws, or advocating for lawlessness to support politicians one may agree with.

Personally, no politician has earned from me a willingness to push for avoidance of the law. But to each their own.