TRUMP IN NY: The President RIPS Democrats for ‘DEFENDING’ MS-13 | Sean Hannity

President Trump slammed liberal lawmakers and the mainstream media for defending the vicious MS-13 street gang Wednesday, saying he will never hold back when discussing the “ruthless” cartel that has terrorized communities for over a decade.

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MS 13 gang members are still people.

Despite their behavior.

The German people stood by and accepted the Nazi regime as it decided who was human and who was vermin, animals.

Before that here in America our own founding fathers allowed the institutionalized stripping of humanity from the Native Americans and the blacks.

I pray to God there will always be people who will speak truth to power that we might not ever go down those dark and slippery roads where we accept the dehumanization of anyone.

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They’re terrible people, not animals.

ms13 are locusts who ruin communities. They need to be taken care of. I applaud President Trump for taking this issue head on.