Trump in astonishing 1993 Congressional testimony: 'They don't look Indian to me'

If you’ve thought if Trump’s stupidity and craziness was a recent thing, you’re wrong. This is Donald Trump testifying before the Native American subcommittee in 1993. He gets his ass handed to him.

Once stupid, always stupid.

Yep. He has always been a complete and total moron. The evidence was there for us all to see for decades. But some people are too intellectually lazy to make the effort needed to learn for themselves of this reality. They allowed the man screaming through the radio, or the Propaganda they see on TV to tell them how to think.

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Anyone who has had any familiarity with Donald Trump could’ve told you he is a GRADE-A ■■■■■■■■


True. But this is probably the most blatant example.

Since this happened before trump was elected i don’t care about it. In fact, I think it’s great that he said this because it’s making the libs hair catch on fire.


We all knew who he was. Some people just ignored it.

He’s kinda like a troubled NBA player who is good at one thing but has a ton of baggage but gives you a chance to win so you overlook his adultry or wife beating or drug convictions.

That’s why I laugh at Trump Christians.

Pointing out that Donald is deplorable is low hanging fruit.


Nothing about that video is astonishing.


But the cult still loves him anyway.

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He also is the reason Nancy Pelosi will be speaker of the house come January.


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This is good for trump. He probably didn’t plan it this way, but he’s going to use it to his advantage. He does better when he’s attacking someone, or bragging about how he’s winning. Being able to attack Pelosi, and blame the Democrats for whatever, is exactly what he needs to win in 2020.

If that is the case (which I dispute)

Trump obviously cares more about reelection than getting his agenda done.


What’s Donald trump’s agenda?

Once stupid always stupid……….the liberal motto! :roll_eyes: Elizabeth Warren is there Indian princess!!



not like anyone cares about Native Americans.

He’ll be lucky if he gets renominated in 2020,

Um… “there” should be spelled their. :slight_smile:

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The same as it has been for his entire lifetime: the promotion of Donald Trump.

When you’re calling a whole group of people stupid, you should probably ensure your spelling is correct.