Trump: I wouldn’t have hired Manafort if I knew FBI was going after him

Doesn’t matter. The timeline speaks for itself. Trump hired a lobbyist. Trump said he only hires the best…criminals.


When you run across the first perfect, all knowing human let us know. It will mean Christ has returned.

What I’m not is a mindless partisan hatemonger.

Give it a try, life will look much brighter.

And Obama hired dozens of lobbyists.

What a weak-witted response. That’s really all you have? “All you’d have accepted is Jesus.”

No, I expect the most powerful main in the world to be competent enough to hire people who have America’s best interest in mind, not Turkey’s or any other nation, ESPECIALLY when you run on an “America First” campaign.

This is why it’s hard to have an honest discussion with you. You presented a dishonest comparison when you were proven wrong to try and deflect away from the fact that you were wrong.


Hatemonger? I don’t know enough about you personally to make that judgement, but the mindless partisan-yeah, that’s you to the T.

So? That’s your bar? “Trump’s as bad as Obama?” Man, you must feel pretty cheated.

Don’t worry, Wild… you’re partisan enough for both of us.

You mean communists like Van Jones and members of the Muslim Brotherhood who have “America’s best interests in mind”?

What’s weak whitted is your juvenile argument.

Not in the least, I didn’t vote for him and warned everyone that his presidency would be a disaster for the party if not the nation as well.

I have no party.

Then, why do you defend this idiot at every turn?

I don’t, but I am honest. When I disagree with something he’s doing I say so, when I agree, I say so.

Unlike most of you I don’t have to make things up or jump on every new outrage most of which are based in lies and half truths.

Nice straw man you’ve created there. Not REMOTELY surprising that this is your best response.

Trump stated he only hires the best. Trump claims he can extreme vet us to safety from foreign refugees. He can’t even properly vet the people who work for him, even with multiple warnings.

No, your straw man was weak-witted. Witted, not whitted. Witted.

I mean, you got thoroughly shellacked regarding your ignorance/dishonesty about the vetting of Flynn, so now you have to deflect to Obama.

How unintelligent of you.

There is no “strawman”.

Unlike those individuals Flynn has three decades of dedicated service in the Armed Forces proving his loyalty to the country.

The strawman was claiming he didn’t have our interests at heart. Lobbying for an ally most certainly doesn’t make him a traitor. His company was registered as a lobbying firm for Turkey but he personally wasn’t. He should have done so but big damned deal.

He’s not the first who failed to get it done properly and won’t be the last. Were he not part of this administration nobody would give a damn.

None of you were getting your shorts knotted up over Podesta failing to register as an agent of the Russians when he failed to do so.

None of you got the least bit bothered by the Clinton’s raking in tens of millions from foreign governments.

It’s all partisan BS.

Note, Flynn was justly and properly fired for lying to his boss.

Yes, there is a straw man. We’re talking about Flynn. You tried to make Obama Van Jones, which no one else was talking about or defending, an issue related. It’s not.

Unlike Van Jones? Well, nice high bar you set there. 3 decades of services doesn’t make him any less of a dishonest partisan horse’s ass with shady affiliations. And as I, and others, have demonstrated, Trump was warned about those, despite you slamming your fingers into your ears and pretending those didn’t happen, which you’ve yet to admit you were wrong about.

Seems you’ve skipped a few posts in this thread about his ties and affiliations. I highly suggest scrolling right back up and doing some reading.

But he was. And Trump was warned. And Trump “only hires the best.” And here you are defending it.

Hillary didn’t win, and I didn’t support her. STOP DEFLECTING TO NON-FLYNN PEOPLE. It’s ANOTHER WR straw man.

ANOTHER WR straw man.

But Trump’s actually doing it, and you don’t care.

Yes, everything you’re posting in this thread is partisan BS.

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There is no “strawman” the claim was that he wasn’t loyal to the country which was patently false as his record attests to.

Pointing out your hypocrisy is not a strawman, it’s simply pointing out your hypocrisy and that of your fellow travelers.

You all have soft spines hence all of the bending over backwards and you all have purely partisan double standards.


Thanks for at least admitting your error by acknowledging Flynn was an unregistered lobbyist for a dictatorial government. Personally, I don’t think the lobbying, coupled with devising a plan to kidnap someone screams service to one’s country, but hey, different folks different strokes.

2nd: Thanks again for running cover by lumping him in with everyone else who simply made a mistake by not registering. I think we should all give a damn about this kind of thing; don’t forget, Trump railed against it in his campaign almost daily. It’s obvious you don’t give a damn about this (you say so in your response) precisely because he was part of Trump’s campaign.

Lastly, why can’t you just hold this admin accountable alone rather than ending every single thread with a deflection? Podesta’s failure to register is just as much a problem as Flynn’s. Trump enriching himself by his position and pay for play by Cohen is just as bad as Hillary’s actions. You look foolish and partisan by lumping the behavior together but attempting to make Trump & CO sound so innocent at the same time. Just by your categorizing their bad acts together, it’s obvious you made a crappy choice for president.


One thing that’s curious to me and I wonder if more will come out of it: Mike Pence was hand picked by Paul Manafort.