Trump: I wouldn’t have hired Manafort if I knew FBI was going after him

If only the FBI had told my campaign I was hiring a criminal, I would not have hired that criminal!

The orange idiot doing what he does best, throwing people under the bus. Lol!

Michael Flynn.

Looks like he won’t be pardoning Manafort any time soon.

This pile of ■■■■ has the victim playing down to a tee. Isn’t he the idiot who didn’t read intelligence briefings months after taking office?

He would))))

Lets remember it was the so called experts in the GOP establishment who pushed Trump to hire Manafort and abandon his own guy. Does it surprise anyone these so called political experts in the GOP establishment are dumb as a brick? Trump resisted for a while but with so many GOP hacks in the House and Senate coming out against Trump I think Trump was trying to appease these idiots somehow. I guess he learned his lesson.

I would believe that if it was his only bad hire…but has a string of them!

I thought he hired “only the best” :joy:

The GOP Swamp geniuses tried to help Trump by giving him advice.

So, nothing’s ever his fault? Lol! You trump huggers are funny.

Trump made Hillary and the left cry Nov 2016 that was Trump’s fault, happy now?

In this case, President Trump is not the idiot. They only went after Manafort because he was connected to the President, the same as every other person that was harassed in his campaign.

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Hillary lost bro, get over it.

Pretty much it. They even went after Flynn for lying even after the investigators said he hadn’t lied.


Only the best, only the best. Why didn’t he vet Manafort? Everyone else knew about this idiot’s Russia connections, even I ■■■■■■■ knew! Lol!

Who knew that they would bring up something on Manafort from 2005 that they had already investigated and either dismissed, or didn’t think there was a there, there? ?

“Why didn’t the corrupt and inept FBI DO something to keep me from looking bad?!?!?”

Gadzooks - what a colossal buffoon.

If you believe he’d have hired Flynn knowing Flynn was an unregistered lobbyist for Turkey provide some evidence of same.

Pence was warned in November, and Pence was in charge of the transition.

There’s no excuse.

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They really have no excuse for all of the bad vetting that they have done.