Trump..."I haven't visited troops because I've been very busy"

Trump said he is to busy to visit troops…Funny, seems to have plenty of time for golf and visiting his properties. More likely he is just too scared to visit a warzone…

Read Woodward’s book?

There’s a passage about him receiving the bodies of fallen soldiers. He did so once.

He was so traumatized by the experience that he refused to do it again.

High quality leadership material.

The military is mostly men, right?

Men younger and fitter than Trump is?

There’s one explanation.

The photo ops will be embarrassing for him.

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I’m guessing Trump’s bone spurs would start acting up if he was anywhere near a battlefield.

He probably is after Hillary’s harrowing experience with the snipers.

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So, given all the criticism of Hillary (and Obama’s) disdain and disrespect for the troops, where’s the right-wing criticism of Trump on this matter?

If he loves the troops so much, why is he forsaking them for golf and luxury?


Now watch this drive.

When the troops start complaining about it I’ll listen.

There’s nothing that’s a bigger pain in the ass than having high level dignitaries show up on base.

The only benefit is that we would usually get steak and sometimes with a Presidential visit we might even get lobster and shrimp to go along with it.

Everything else associated with those visits did nothing but add to the tension and stress on post/base and and usually doubled our work load.

There’s a Trumpslanation for EVERYTHING.


Facts, deal with it.

Find even one instance in which I ever criticized Obama for not viisting the troops in the field. Just one.

Better he doesn’t go, he’d just insult them.

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Could send him to the set of a war movie. Easier and just as effective.

He’d never know the difference.

Well that’s because Obama did visit the troops. Fail.

It is truly amazing how their backbones are made of jello

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Nobody cares…

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Golfing is a full time job for Trump.

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Well. Obama visited troops in a war zone 7 times as President, so not much to criticize.