TRUMP: ‘How THE HELL’ Is Bruce Ohr Still Working at the DOJ?

Originally published at: TRUMP: ‘How THE HELL’ Is Bruce Ohr Still Working at the DOJ? | Sean Hannity

President Trump fired-off at DOJ official Bruce Ohr Wednesday afternoon; slamming the Department of Justice administrator over he and his wife’s deep ties to ‘Trump Dossier’ author Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS.

The President blasted Ohr on social media just a day after the anti-Trump official testified before Congress over his role in creating the debunked dossier; writing “How the hell is Bruce Ohr still employed at the Justice Department? Disgraceful! Witch Hunt!”^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1034821067423014913&

The president’s tweet comes as Congressional investigators mull whether to interview Ohr’s wife over her relationship with FUSION GPS and whether she intentionally hid payments from federal officials.

Trump is a lowlife dog for acting like this, punking around like a moron on social media instead of acting like an adult. Sad!

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Jim Jordan is claiming that Ohr said in his testimony that the FBI bias against trump predates Popadopalous and Carter Page! OOPS! Kind of explains the hiring of Stefan Halper to muddy the waters on behalf of the FBI and DNC! Now FBI Lovinger is coming out and verifying that in Fact Halper was hired by the FBI to set up Russian meetings between Trump and Russians. OOOPS!