Trump Hits record approval in Gallup poll...46%

Seems the public knows the economy is booming and collusion was a deep state web of lies.

Gosh, that must be hard to swallow for the never Trumper’s and dems who have thrown the book at the guy 24/7 since the election. The MSM has lost tons of powers since the Clinton era.

" Trump has hit 46% approval in the latest Gallup poll, the highest level since the polling group began asking the question. His approval in the poll has been as low as 35%, but the new numbers show an increasingly positive trend for the president. In early March, before the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Trump’s approval sat at 39% but jumped to 45% in the first half of April."

Good luck with his taxes as dirt…LMAO!

His approval on the economy is even higher… To me that’s his real approval number!

Oh wait there’s more…

The trace deficit with China is dropping.

" U.S. goods trade deficit with China hits five-year low"

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. goods trade deficit with China, a focus of President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda, dropped to a five-year low in March amid a surge in exports, including soybeansincluding soybeansincluding soybeans****including soybeans.”

Tells you how continuing this collusion conspiracy theory after the big investigation failed to uncover the proof is gong to work for the Democrats.
But they can’t just dump that and go in another direction. The really strong base is too invested.

Yes… I hope they keep it up for the next two years… Grassy knollers…lol!

46%? Wow that’s amazing!

Lol - the high point of his popularity, and he still can’t break 50%. :rofl::rofl:

And look who benefiting the most from Trump economic policy’s and all the changes reps made when they had the house…

“The recent gains are going to those who need it most. Over the past year, low-wage workers have experienced the fastest pay increases, a shift from earlier in the recovery, when wage growth was concentrated at the top.”

Dems want to return to the Obama slow growth model…

Uh oh…

and the poll of polls at real clear is at 45… This is probably because dems took the house and we can see them do nothing in real time compared to the rep congress…

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

That poll was taken between April 17th and April 30th.

Reuters (which is the most recent poll - taken May 6th and May 7th) has him at 43. Of course his disapproval is 55%.

Donald is the most amazingly popular POTUS in the history of ever! His numbers are likely in the 90s but the Deep State will never report it.

Did I call this or what?

Not only that, but the Gallup poll cited is 10 days old.

By comparison, Obama was at roughly the same % during this point in his first term, but we were also coming out of a recession.


Everything is amazing.


39 in the new ipsos today. It really looks like the numbers on average kinda are locked in at this point.

The hope and expectation of the left was not just to defeat Trump in the next election. Their aim was to de legitimize him as President, and to de legitimize many of his major issues. This is not secret, we often run across liberals writing about how Trump must not be allowed to be normalized.
We don’t know how the election will work out, but as far as de legitimizing…fail.

46 is still not that good though

For Trump? It’s astounding.

I wouldn’t say astounding for someone who’s won a national election but yeah , it’s pretty good for Trump

He didn’t win a national popularity contest.

He is the worst President in history. A laughing stock. A crook. A racist.