Trump hits historic high approval rating among black voters!

Big news admit some of the nasty fake news being spread lately … despite the best efforts of the media, President Trump has now hit a historic approval rating (for a Republican) of 31% among blacks.

The record low unemployment and many other benefits enjoyed by the black community under President Trump’s stewardship is being recognized.

Well done President Trump! The black community is recognizing your tireless work for them! :raising_hand_woman:t5:

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L m a o!

There isn’t a chance in hell that it’s that high.

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And all $$ millionaire $$ lebron sees is slavery and jim crow.

historic high? I suppose they didn’t do polling for Lincoln…

What’s so historic about having a 30% approval?

Seriously? :roll_eyes:

It’s actually kinda pathetic.

Which means that 69% DON’T.

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If 30 percent of the black community for for Trump in 2020 then whoever you nominate is toast.

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Think about what you are saying. Trump won in 2016 with 8% of the black vote. If Trump were to capture 30% of the black vote in 2020, he would win in a landslide.

The fear is palpable.

The highest I can find in other sources is 21%. One in five. Far higher than I would have thought.

Don’t be ridiculous.

I love these “what if” articles. Perhaps the results of the black vote in the mid-terms will pull Trump supporters back to reality. But I doubt it.

NAACP poll has Donald at 21%.

So his rating is double the percentage of what he got in 2016? I don’t believe it for a second.

Give it a week. After Omarosa, he’ll be lucky if he hits 1. Not one percent, one person.

Gateway pundit just punks y’all over and over.

Why? Does anyone like her? Of any skin color?

Not really but he’s already called her a “dog” and if the tape is real, well…

You don’t have to her to understand how her story reflects on Trump.