Trump hired more illegal immigrants than initially thought

It appears that fat donald’s organization was breaking the law not just in one, but in 5 golf courses he owns. At least 18 illegal immigrants have been fired, with no repercussions whatsoever to the organization that hired them in the first place. I wonder how long these illegal immigrants were working in these golf clubs before they were fired.
BTW, this does not include any hotels fat donald owns.

Eric Trump, the president’s son, confirmed the firings to The Washington Post on Monday.
The wave of dismissals raises questions about how widely the president’s company has relied on undocumented workers, even as he has denounced illegal immigration in fiery terms and demanded the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

He knew…just saying…he knew…and its always worse than when it first comes out…thats why his belief in immigration is a con…and he suckered a lot of people

Damn straight he knew. I bet you his hotels also have a nice amount of illegal immigrants currently working there.

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Trump is cool…or…something…

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Damn right.
Cheap con man using cheap labor? Duh

Where are all the Trumpletons to tell us why this is ok?

On illegal immigration, Trump is clearly part of the problem and not part of the solution. By hiring them, he is one of the enablers. The reason many of them come here is for jobs like the ones Trump’s company is giving them.


The president thinks a lot of Illegal Mexicans are rapists and murderers unless they work for him, then they are a okay in his book.


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Oh my. What do we do with a problem called trumpia.

C’mon someone make the alternative lyrics - I forget who was good at that. If it wasn’t obvious, it’s the sound of music’s how do you solve a problem like maria

Hopefully this will be a new wave of enforcing our laws, across the country?

Trump knew…just like “we” all know, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

The far right doesnt seem to understand that companies benefit from the illegal status of these workers. If they were given citizenship status, they would be brought under labor laws.

No laws were enforced here. What are you talking about? If laws were enforced, Trump’s businesses would have been penalized.

But they haven’t been. There is no deterrent for employers hiring undocumented labor. Because all of the focus is on some stupid non-solution to a very real problem.

As someone who really, really wants to see illegal immigration prevented and this problem solved, its chaps me to no end that all of the focus is on some absurd wall that is never going to happen. It’s a mindless distraction from the damn issue. It’s a solution that will solve nothing.

It’s incredibly frustrating that this is the narrative around this problem, and not actual real world solutions that could make a significant difference.

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The wall is an important part of border security. It bides the officers necessary time to locate and stop illegal crossings. This isn’t even debatable. It’s a fact but…I agree…it isn’t an end-all problem solution.

It isn’t. We have enough barrier as is. The wall talk is just a distraction from addressing the real issue. It’s a bumper sticker campaign slogan. Not a solution. And it’s never going to be built. Never.

So as long as we talk about it, and fight over it, and it never comes to pass, we are all just allowing the problem to continue unabated. With no real solutions being debated and implemented.

It’s a play to the lowest common denominator. And it’s highly frustrating. I want to see this issue solved. We can solve it as a people. But as long as there is a vocal minority keeping our focus on a non-solution solution, then nothing will happen to actually address the problem.

This is one of the largest problems with trying to force a political win for a politician, over doing what is best for the nation as a whole.

Some walls are an important part of border security. I disagree that walls across the southern border is the answer. In populated areas? Yes. Across the middle of the desert? No.

So to say that the wall is the only means to buy officers time and then state anything else isn’t even debatable is just lack of logic and critical thinking. Some people are telling people it is the only solution and some people swallow it hook-line-sinker.

Yes Virginia, the effectiveness of wall outside of populated areas is debatable.

Motion sensors, cameras, FLIR, and drones (military grade surveillance drones, not Amazon toys) can cover much larger search areas and with drones you have the option of including multi-spectrum (visible, low light, FLIR) tracking and observation. So not only can they “see” illegals approaching the border while still well inside Mexico, giving agents time to respond, they can observe and track even into US territory. Once an illegal crosses the wall and moves away from the wall, the ability of tracking drops off significantly.

With command and control taking advantage of surveillance, assets can be vectored in much more efficiently than standing patrols every X-yards.

Early detection and mobile surveillance are force multipliers, significantly more functional then fixed emplacements using a Miginot Line mentality. Ya, that worked well in WWII.
I was aircrew on E-2 Hawkeye Airborne Command & Control and Early Warning platforms. It’s kind of like saying that Carriers don’t need E-2’s since the have there own shipboard RADARs. The problem is that shipborne RADARs can “see” 5-10 miles for low level targets depending on height of the RADAR. Giving a very short reaction time. On the other hand we could “see” 250 miles due to higher altitude, providing much better warning and control of - ah - assets. And that was with 80’s and 90’s technology and we are leaps and bounds better than that now.

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I’m not for a wall across the entire border either but there isn’t currently enough of a wall. There needs to be additional reinforcement placed strategically where the experts, without a political agenda, believe it should be placed. The additional technology to assist agents do their job and secure the border is the icing on the cake.

PS…thank you for your service.

What the Democrats have tried on the Border obviously hasn’t worked for years on end.

Maybe if we had the wall, then less Illegals would get through, and therefore
less companies could hire illegals in general.

Maybe if we got rid of Sanctuary Cities, it wouldn’t provoke things like
illegal hiring?

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Go after people who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, throw them in jail and seize their property.

The problem will be dealt with nearly overnight.

It won’t end up like you think it will, but the problem of illegal migrant labor will be solved.

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Dont need a wall. Go after individuals and businesses hiring illegals. Severe monetary penalties and/or prison for those who do.

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