Trump has caused and is almost solely responsible for racial tensions in America

Consider the things he has done.

Worked to create investment in at risk communities

Enacted policies which lowered minority unemployment

Criminal justice reform

Funding for traditionally minority schools

Stole the Democrat talking points and agenda.

It is this last point that has caused all the trouble.

It is the Trump move to the left that has caused disorientation in the Democrat party.

That is why they must resort to race and division.

They have no policy positions to address poverty.

They have no policy prescriptions for education.

They do have an acute awareness that the Black Vote is pivotal in presidential elections.

What other group votes 90% or more as a monolith?

IT is fundamental to the Democrat Party to create a herd mentality to win over that block of voters.

Black Folk win elections and above all else Black folk vote democrat.

So long as minority voters do not question their group Identity Biden is correct.

If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.

So, clearly it is Trumps fault for moving to the left and leaving Democrats with no platform.

Proof Trump is a racist.


Great thread, in light of the last week. Well done.


Thank you Mr. President.


That look in the mirror is so difficult sometimes.


Why yes it is. I’ll never forget the day I realized Trump would be the GOP nominee, and I had to look in the mirror and ask myself if I could live with myself if I remained in the GOP with them selecting such a reprobate individual. In the end, though it was a painful decision, I am a much better person for it today.


Trump is da best

That just went out the window…who would want to invest there anymore.

Say…that’s just what democrats wanted.


Trump reached out to George Flynn’s family and has started an investigation into his killing. That said, the officer was charged with in 48 hours. When a similar murder took place almost 2 years ago, the black officer that shot an innocent white 40 year old woman, wasn’t charged until about a year later. What is it you’re aiming at that Trump did last week?

The man ( And I use that term lightly) started his campaign on fear and hate.

What are you afraid of and why do you hate? It’s all ok…I’m your friend. :sunglasses:


OP said it was all his fault. BUT then i assume you do not see any fear and hate from the women of the left.

Absolute nonsense.

which part?

the black vote?

the low unemployment?

the criminal justice reform?

what is nonsense?

Really???.. Mexicans are bringing drugs, crime, rapists. The muslim ban…etc etc…How would you describe it?

Great thread!

I suggest all you dems, libs, progs, never Trumpers participating in this thread not vote for President Trump in November.

perhaps you should address the issue of the vote and the Democrat chance for wining in the context of the media narrative.

Still waiting on that list of things he’s done.

read the OP

I would describe it as a complete and utter distortion by the media. I listened to the guy, not to the damn media. I mean, hell, just from what you said, let’s address those two points.

#1. There was NEVER a “Muslim Ban”, it was a ban on people coming from 7 nations that made up, what 7% of the Muslim world? You remember, the 7 nations that Obama painted as a threat?
#2. Are we arguing that drugs, crime and rapists don’t come across the border? His entire point was ILLEGAL immigration encourages and enables that garbage so it needs to end.

Might want to try listening to the man rather than believing CNN. I hated it when Trump was first nominated and then I started watching how the media attacked and distorted his words. Made me feel better voting for him. Nearly 4 years later and I can’t remember why I didn’t like him in 16.


OK, I get where you are coming from, but still waiting for somebody to address the black vote.