Trump halts future research into HIV/AID to appease the religious right

the article also takes liberty with the results. here is question 17 a and b

No problem. It happens to the best of us.

the more interesting result is just how different republicans view Christians vs Muslim asking the same request

I totally agree. Republicans who are typically Christian, favor Christianity. Democrats who are typically not Muslim favor Islam. It’s about as weird of a situation as it gets.

completely missing the fact that democrats are much more likely to compared to republicans , according to this poll, still allow for the request.

I’m not missing it. And it’s not surprising. Most republicans don’t believe that business should be forced to build prayer rooms for anybody. A business should not be forced to provide a church for it’s employees. Republicans understand that people can pray 24/7 without the help of government.

What does HIV/AIDS research have to do with Islam?

and yet in the poll Republicans are majorly in favor of allowing pharmacist to discriminate because of religious beliefs whereas they would not want Jewish or Muslim to discriminate. Democrats are overwhelming in all 3 cases not willing to accept that sort of discrimination. destroying your utter idea that Liberals “all bets are off”

but you ignored that one nicely it seems

Nothing. But you know how these things go. We must go on about ten or twenty different tangents for each thread. I think it’s a Hannity rule.:nerd_face:

So heterosexuals don’t have sex?

Begging the question.

What is this, 1985?

Seriously it must really annoy those conservatives who thought God was eliminating all gays for their behavior back in the 1980s.

Same-sex marriage is legal and the gay community is bigger and louder than ever.

Ryan white would disagree with your homosexer dialog.


So you trust centers of indoctrination now. And polls, too. Just checking.

Do I need to post the CDC graphs again? By far, the majority of people with HIV are male homosexers.

Ish is part of a small group that still believes that AIDS is a “gay disease”.

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In the United States.

It’s the exact opposite in sub Saharan Africa, where HIV has done the most damage.

The truth is simple. If you whore around you’re bound to get something that won’t wash off. Regardless of your sexuality.


Personally, the vast majority of Dems I know are Christian, mostly Catholic…and of those, I don’t know of any that give a crap about Muslims. Just sayin’.

I’m not a Dem, but I do wish all religion would just disappear. it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.

When Trump becomes president of Sub Saharan African countries, we can start another thread.

In the mean time… statistics from CDC quantify who mostly is infected in the country that elected Trump. If numbers matter, they disagree with your assessment of “regardless of your sexuality”.

You arn’t against knowledge are you? (some progressives are. Just checking) knowledge and information can help to eradicate disease. From CDC

Estimated Numbers of New HIV Infections in the United States for the Most Affected Subpopulations, 2010

If you think that 2018 stats tell a different story, then post em.

So we shouldn’t do everything we can to cure a disease that kills heterosexuals and homosexuals alike because most people who have it are homosexual?