Trump-Haley in 2020?

Is this the WSJ’s trial balloon, to see the public’s reaction to a change in the R ticket in 2020?

Pence is going under the bus the same way Sessions did.

Undying loyalty to Trump seems to get you even worse treatment than situational loyalty.

But the ticket would make sense. For Trump, not for Haley. I’m not convinced she would emerge looking too good, given what he would demand of her.

I think you’re right- Pence and Mother should start packing.

Pence solidified the hold on Evangelicals.

Without him, does Trump still have Mojo with them?

I wouldn’t be too sure.

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Trump flat out refused to offer Pence an endorsement for 2024 a few days back.

But Pence knew what he was getting into bed with. Or should have known, cause it was pretty apparant.


Yes. They will choose Trump over Pence 7 days a week now.

Maybe not at the start, but definitely now.

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But now, Trump has a firm grasp on evangelicals. I don’t think jettisoning Pence would affect that now. Pence has served his purpose.

Didn’t she already quit him?

I think Haley’s got too much on the ball to run with Trump.

I see her as a viable presidential candidate, though. Time is on her side.

Yep, I’m around a lot of evangelicals on a regular basis. I can tell you that the vast majority of them would vote for Trump even if he did randomly shoot someone on 5th Avenue. It won’t matter who’s on the ticket at this point.

I remember hearing that folks in the Obama administration had minor discussions about replacing Biden in 2012.

Ultimately, they decided that any advantage gained would be offset by a sense of chaos and desperation that some swing voters would feel.

Considering that chaos has been a hallmark of this administration, I’m not sure if voters would care that much but you never know. Might not be worth the risk.

Trump won’t drop pence.

Sure he will.

Where is there any hint that they’re thinking of dropping Pence from the ticket?

This is 100% sheer speculation as far as I can tell.

After three years of world class butt kissing? I would hope not.

He will. He’ll drop anybody.

If he did this he’d pretty much be admitting that he’s ■■■■■■ as far as re-election goes. I don’t think you’d pull this kind of move unless you needed to grab help from a different demographic.

Yeah, loyalty is a one way street for Trump. But it all depends on how it would affect him strategically.

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Haley would make Trump a good running mate. I have no idea if she would accept it.

Any poll that claims to track the “Evangelical” vote is full of it. About 75% of Americans are Christian. There are no polling questions that can identify Evangelicals from that number.


At least if he thinks it’ll help him.

Won’t matter. Haley wouldn’t accept.