Trump Grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 Jets After Two Crashes


Malicious code has been inserted into some of the most expensive and secure computers in the entire country at various times.

There aren’t a whole lot of possibilities here based on what happened in the two crashes.

The pilots are not performing as trained.

The software patch was flawed.

There’s still a software problem that hasn’t been found by the coders and engineers.

Malicious code has been inserted into the planes computers making them uncontrollable.


It isnt the last one.


You can’t possibly show that to be true.


So your saying after the first crash everything should have been grounded there until a software fix was devised?


Apparently according to Lou we should ground the entire fleet anytime a similar plane crashes whether we have anything to go on or not.



I dont need to, its a highly informed opinion. One that will be proven correct in a relatively short time period.

Boeing will devote a large amount of resources to discovering the issue. And when its all said and done it wont be malicious code.


That’s a lot of wasted words to say that no, you can’t show it to be true.


Again i dont have to, its an opinion, a highly imformed opinion.

What it isnt is a nutty conspiracy theory disguised as a possibility.


I feel like this is a good move.


I agree. But if and when you have hard evidence of design flaws or computer glitches…you have to.


How? Not that I disagree.


Why don’t you?




You could be right, but you have to consider where this accident occurred. I expect that most pilots have been trained, but that does not mean all have. Ethiopia is known to be a " ■■■■ hole" country.


You must have the inside scoop. :roll_eyes:


I have a IT degree and software programming happens to be a specialty of mine.

Not to say that it couldnt possibly be malicious code, just that it not.

I could go into a long explanation of why, but the short version is, those that do malicious programming either do it for money in which case you dont get anywhere demanding money after killing first.

Or they do it for fun and the challenge. Cant possibly see someone spending god aweful amounts of time figuring out how to get such code into a secure codebase just to randomly kill people for fun.

The number of security protocols that would have to be circumvented for this to be an act of maliciousness behavior would be insanely high.

So to recap while no one at this point can say conclusively 100% it wasnt malicious code. Most anyone with even a modicum of rational thought wouldnt have ever entertained the idea that it would be such a thing.


What do you think this is costing Boeing?


A ■■■■■■■■ of money. Notwithstanding the lawsuits that are going to happen, the amount of resources they have to devote to figuring this out quickly and a fix will be 10s if not hundreds of millions, and that doesnt even consider how many sales of future units and cancels they will lose just from mistrust.

Heck just look at their stock.


What do you think they would pay to not have to spend the time and money to have to identify the problem?

I don’t think it was malicious either, I just disagree with your reasoning a little bit. I think it was a maintenance error or distant #2 a design flaw.


I think either Boeing is going out of business or the government will have to bail them out.