Trump grants clemency to American Black Grand mother

This is the lady Kim K went to white house to have released. And he agreed. Gosh, record American black employment, prison reform, and pardons. Trump not a very good white supremacist…lol!

Such a touching family reunion.

I have no problem with the clemency. I applaud it. I have a problem with Kim K in the White House and even a bigger problem with people on the right who celebrate it while denouncing the clemency granted by Obama

Hey OP, how do you square this with

Could you find the quote where he calls for a new law calling for the death penalty for drug dealers. I didn’t hear him say that…

Short video, right at the end.

Oh and…

Trump is cool!

Found it… Thanks…

Yes, Trump is cool.

Sure was nice to the grand ma… Why did Obama let her rot?

Because his DOJ recommended against her commutation 3 times.