Trump got a symbolic punch in the face today

Looks like Georgia told Trump to go play on the freeway. :smile:

Kemp will sail to victory in November and this time it will not be close.

Party / Candidate

Catherine Davis


Brian Kemp (I)

David A. Perdue

Kandiss Taylor

Tom Williams

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This happened under Kemp’s watch.

2000 election.

In total, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative funneled more than $400 million to election efforts, most of which was siphoned through the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), a non-profit run by a former Obama fellow."

“The pivotal state of Georgia was one of the biggest targets of these funds, ultimately receiving one of the largest allocations of Zuckerbucks in the nation. Unfortunately, these grants had an impact on not only the way the election was conducted, but also on how it turned out.”

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Trump’s Endorsements: Last Night 23-2-1 (TBD-Oz) – Overall 81 Wins, 3 Losses, 1 TBD (Oz)

If anyone took a punch in the face, it was Trump’s opposition.


Not primarying an incumbent governor who’s going to mop the floor with Stacey “The Tank” Abrams is a punch in the face? Do tell.


That’s what the troughs fed last night…and here “we” are this morning…listening. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Let the TDS run its course. It’s therapeutic for them.


Wishful thinking huh?! Lot of folks suffering from TDS.

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And it wasn’t just Perdue who got spanked last night. Trump also endorsed Jody Hice for Secretary of State after Raffensperger ignored his demands to “find” x number of votes so the election could be flipped. Raffensperger won his primary.

Trump had also endorsed John Gordon for Attorney General for the state. The incumbent, Chris Carr, also won that race by a wide margin (he carried 73.7% of the vote).

It is noteworthy that these are the key figures in the state that followed their constitutional duty rather than caving to the big lie. The takeaway seems to be that Georgia republicans are sick and tired of Trump’s incessant whining about losing the 2020 election and pushing the big lie to stroke his ego.

I’ll add that I voted for Kemp, Raffensperger, and Carr.


They might lose everything, but at least they got to face slap Trump. :crazy_face:

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Or run the country into the ground, but hey, no more mean tweets.


Interesting you see it that way.

I find his endorsement record astronomically good.

Something was up with Kemp and Perdue and the GA voters. Perdue never had a chance and Trump backed him and he ran anyway. It is OK to have a setback or two or more…it produces humility that we never see from the party of inflation.


It is difficult to own the fact that Abrams outmaneuvered them masterfully in 2020.

Voters share the burden.

Logic dictates that Big Stacy will win in November and find the genuine challenge in actually leading.

I’ll bet this little article feels extra good with all the bitch slapping the left has absorbed over the last 18 months.

“But at least Trump didn’t get his way this time!”


I guess in that regard they aren’t much different than those who elected Trump just to trigger libs.

That’s pretty shallow. Where are these people that live just to provoke libs?

Posters on this very forum but I am not going to call them out.

:thinking: Is it self-hypnosis or do they all get in one room and let AOC do the hypnotizing?


Nobody said “JUST to provoke libs.” I agree that there have been people who have unequivocally stated that at least it triggered libs. Stuff like that. (And it has.) But let’s not use that as a springboard to rewrite history.

How much was their cut from the Zuckerberg millions?

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