Trump going to the border. Where's Chuck and Nancy?


Were they invited?


Trump ought to donate things they can sell since this is his shutdown.


Be nice to see sources for this data. Otherwise, the credibility is in question.


Trump didn’t have a united R Congress. He still doesn’t. That’s the reason for this political theater. He’s trying to blame the Dems for his Reps who are starting to break away from him.


A sanctuary state is open borders…


You’d think if the wall was something people wanted or supported it would be easy to get done.

But hardly anyone wants it and those who do have suspicious motives.


No it is not. It’s not even the same universe. Do you even know what it means to be labeled a “sanctuary” even a little? Because it doesn’t seem as if you do judging from this post.


Probably won’t get it as the sources will show a 90% reduction in strategic locations (like higher population areas) and not wide open desert where very few cross to begin with.



Which state is that?


Trying to explain this to his simple-minded supporters is like trying to explain it to the moron-in-chief himself.