Trump going to the border. Where's Chuck and Nancy?


I’ve seen some pretty feeble posts on this board over many years.

This is pretty close to the top.


Trump could have just built a wall when he had a Republican Congress.

If I were a hardcore Republican partisan I’d be mad at Republican media for screwing up his chance.


He should have. Absolutely. They should have pushed it harder when they had complete control. An unforced error.


It’s crazy, isn’t it.

What is different about this made-up “crisis” in January, 2019 that was not manifest in August, 2018?

Abso ■■■■■■■ lutely nothing.

Real conservatives need to take back the Republican Party and change its name. The current brand is shot.


Pretty sure a temper tantrum isn’t going to get Democrats to clean up the mess left by Republicans in this case.

We’ve enough work cleaning up the fiscal insanity that inevitably accrues when Republicans control the legislature and the executive.


Trump couldn’t even work with REPUBLICANS during the last two years. why would anyone with a brain think he’s gonna work with democrats.

Trump needs to sail off to an island with Republican media.


I don’t have a link. This was reported as the facts that were presented to Nancy by DHS. Nancy then admitted to rejecting the facts. I’m going to the gym now, :muscle: if I get back on when I return, I will dig for a link. In the mean time, if you don’t mind. See if you can find the DHS stats on the subject. Later!


Sorry. You gotta do your own work.


So about 2 hours and 3 assistants less than Trump.

Good to know.


You mean…only the experts you (and by extension, tiny trump) agree with?


So now…you are reduced to SPECULATING on what border patrol agents would say.


Good…you mean those “strategic fences” that border patrol agents are asked about. So…where’s the national emergency?


Here’s another stat for you.

Did you know if you contributed to get on Trump’s “Secure the Border” list, your money is not going for the wall like he said it would…but to Trump’s re-election campaign fund?

Not that anyone who contributed for this likely minds that…but I thought they might mind getting so blatantly lied to.


So total ■■■■■■■■■ got it.




The pretzel he had to tie himself into to give that explanation was astounding!


They really should go, its a great time to meet up with their base and they could even have a speech on the border wall talking to Mexicans!


Chuck and Nancy should definitely go there! See for themselves!

If they REALLY wanted to solve the problem, they should have travelled down there on AF1!

Its all about the political theater.


President Trump feels the wall is imperative. It is the key aspect of border security.

If it is so important, why didn’t the Republicans work on the wall last summer when they had The House??

The border situation now isn’t much different than late last year. Caravan-ers milling about in Tijuana.

This “emergency” is not so much about accomplishing security… more about getting Nancy to respect his authority.


It’s not about that.