Trump going to the border. Where's Chuck and Nancy?


Why do you suppose that Chuck and Nancy refuse to accept the recommendations of border security experts?


Which ones…the 1 in 200 that mentioned a wall, or the other 199?


Maybe they should listen to the congresspeople that represent districts where the border is located.

Would that be good enough?


Do you know any border patrol agents IRL because I do and neither of them considers himself to be a border security expert


The leadership of DHS, ICE and the border patrol support a wall, Because their stats prove that walls reduce illegal crossings by at least 90 percent. Those are the facts. Nancy has told them that she rejects the facts.


The ones that were not asked which is virtually all of them. Individual ground agents are probably not going to recommend a solution that could eliminate their jobs or make their jobs boring. But I would bet of you simply asked them, do walls reduce illegal crossings? They would say, yes they do. Because the stats prove it.

Make sense?


Virtually every congressperson that has border in their district opposes the wall.

That includes the congressman who has the longest amount of border in his district, a Republican.


The stats show that border crossings are down over 80%.

But you and Trump are running around with your hair on fire claiming there’s a crisis.

Don’t lecture others on use of stats when you can’t come to grips with them yourself.


We should believe the ones whose opinions were not asked, and therefore were not given, but obviously if they were they would have said “Yes, yes, yes, we need a wall”, even though the ones who were asked and didn’t mention a wall were withholding that suggestion because it would make their jobs boring.

No…no that doesn’t make any sense at all.


So in other words, jigger the question until you get a response that you like. Isn’t that what the DEMs do?

I don’t see the problem in recognizing that different area may have a better more economical solution. Wall’s, Fences, Barriers - whatever you want to call them - in higher population areas and using technology and agents in less populated areas. You know, like what 89% of actual border partol agents recommended (which is often misquoted) - i.e. “in strategic locations”.

Instead of funding a “Mission Accomplished” wall for Trump to have a photo op in front of.



Weren’t these all appointed by Trump?


So? I have always said that the republican party is loaded with nit wits. You have reminded me of why. You are preaching to the choir. But what we do know for sure, is that in areas where a decent barrier is in place, illegal border crossings have been reduced by over 90 percent.


Some. But in areas where a secure barrier is in place, illegal border crossings have been reduced by 90 percent plus.



Modern-day Republicans are happy to take their land to build something they don’t want or need on an unlikely to succeed plan to salve the Republicans’ rampaging fear.

It’s the ultimate in trading a little of somebody else’s freedom for one’s own security.

Everybody know the rest of the quote.


why didn’t Trump have photo ops at the Mexican border during the two years he had a Republican Congress?


Link please.


LOL… They were all appointed by Trump…


Nancy needs four hours to do her hair an make up…And four assistance to help…


I’ve seen this repeated many times with no source.


A Trump supporter talking about someone doing their hair. :laughing: