Trump going to the border. Where's Chuck and Nancy?


No…it’s not about the data…it’s been proved over and over again Trump is spinning.

Unlike you, I actually read the source material instead of what my favorite politicians or media talking heads tell me what to believe about the source material.


You mean that admitted waste of time?


I suspect they already know more about border security than the orange cheeto.


It seems to be apparent by the OP that the experts they (OP) are referring to are border agents.

I am certainly no expert, but I would suspect that they (border agents) have an opinion on what they perceive is the most effective method.

However, I am inclined to believe that there are actual security experts in the United States that know more effective and cost-savings ways of protecting our borders. Does anyone know if any of these security experts are planning on joining the President at the border today?


What makes you say that they don’t have the foggiest idea about border security?


I was just thinking the same thing. First yesterday’s thread…now this one.


The Congressman who represents McAllen opposes the wall.


Some folks crave attention.


Trump should visit the government workers he’s hurting with this shutdown, not do a photo op at the border.


He’s the Wimpy Wellington of Walls:


I promised you that Mexico would pay for all these hamburgers on Tuesday, but instead, I’ve decided to shut down your restaurant and withhold all payments until YOU pay for all my hamburgers!


Should Chuck and Nancy go to the border and learn from the experts?


The fact that they oppose what the real border experts have told them works. Somebody does know what they are talking about because they live it every day. That somebody is not Chuck and Nancy. If they went down to the border and actually got schooled a little, maybe they would see the light?


The experts who set the policy are in DC, furloughed at the moment as “non-essential”.


If we we’re going to start indiscriminately assigning unearned credentials to entry level positions should we start calling janitors sanitation experts too?


They’re muzzled at home, on furlough.


Actually not it’s not. Let’s take a look at that incorrect number you cite. (BTW – When making up numbers don’t pick one’s that end on “0” or “5” it’s easier to fool newbies that way.)

“The NBPC’s survey, of more than 600 agents in two of the Border Patrol’s busiest sectors, found just the opposite: A stunning 89 percent of line agents say a “wall system in strategic locations is necessary to securing the border.” Just 7 percent disagreed.”

Notice the bolded part of the source of your incorrect claim. That’s right the survey was for barriers “in strategic locations”, not a 2000 mile wall across the southern border.



You keep repeating this as though it was true, even though that’s been debunked.

When asked to provide suggestions for how to improve border security, less than 1 out of every 200 border patrol agents even mentioned a wall.

Stop spreading the lies you’ve been told.


You are misinformed. Washington bureaucrats are not the experts. They don’t set policy either. DHS, ICE and the border patrol are the experts. And they are all still hard at work. Policy is set by The executive, legislative branches and DHS. By ignoring the advice of real experts, Chuck and Nancy are make decisions from a position of ignorance. They really need to sit down with people who actually know what they are talking about.



Just watched Trump leaving for Texas.

He said that the numbers were wrong, most drugs came through areas where there were no walls - NOT through ports of entry.




How come the Congressman who represents the district opposes the stupid wall?