Trump going to the border. Where's Chuck and Nancy?


I love it when Trump supporters pick and choose when they want to listen to the “experts”


Yeah and its about 95%!!


The stupid, pathetic, insane and absurd border patrol is in favor of a wall. Because in the areas where we have them, illegal crossings have decreased by 90 percent plus. These people are not insane. They know their business.


No it’s not.


I am curious who are the experts that will be at the border?

Are these contractors and engineers and experts at security?


Anyone who agrees with Trump is an expert.


Wrong. The truth is hard for some people obviously.


Funny that you would believe them but not the climate change experts.


You are mistaken. I am not making a claim. I am saying that Chuck and Nancy need to go to the borders and learn from the experts. Because Chuck and Nancy have a lot to learn. This is not a claim. It’s an opinion. Learn the difference.


Pulling stats out of your ass doesn’t make it true.


Wrong. You are absolutely making a claim that Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer do not know anything about border security. Learn the difference huh? Fascinating attempt at spinning your way out of this one. Lol


Nobody knows more about border security than Sen Schumer and Rep Pelosi


Wrong topics. The topic is neither WorldWatcher or Climate change. It’s Chuck and Nancy and their squandered opportunity to learn something about border security. Please stay on topic. Thanks!!!


It’s not about words being said, its hard fact based data that they are downplaying and mocking for political gain making them more dangerous then an open border!


Their ideas conflict with the experts. They need to learn from the experts Lol.


YES it is!


No- it’s not.

Unlike you, I actually read the source material and not what my favorite politicians say about the source material.

Of course, that’s helped by the fact I don’t have any favorite politicians.


Funny again.

So let’s see what some actual border experts say.

Not a one of them wants the Great Wall of Trump.


Wrong. Their ideas are directly in line with the experts. Not the idiotic spin made by that bastard Trump, that is done to keep his tiny, little, minority base scared to death at all times of the evil boogeyman out to get them.


It absolutely is not. Unequivocally it is not.