Trump going to the border. Where's Chuck and Nancy?


46 year low.

Pretty sure it’s not them who haven’t the foggiest idea about border security.


Repeating the same inaccurate thing does not magically make it true. Lol


This is nothing but opposition dreaming!


Yeah, maybe they can find out why the “caravan” was a big deal right up to Election Day and then nothing more about it. Maybe they can find out why this became a crisis only after Republicans got their asses kicked in the mid-terms. And maybe they could find out why a large number of border experts do not agree with the wall concept. You guys are getting played again and it is sad to see.


I can’t wait for Trump to tell us something he just learned that everybody else already knows in that fascinating way he does.

“A lot of don’t know this, but there’s a big river between us and Mexico on a lot of the border!”


No, it is factual, backed up by evidence, data, and statistics.

#Walk-Away was a real thing. It is just that the people leaving are leaving the GOP in droves. All thanks to the horrible bastard Donald Trump.


Trump doesn’t listen to anyone. At best he’ll drag out a couple toadies who will parrot his exact talking points and then make a campaign speech full of lies.

He’s not even inviting the person who actually represents the district because they don’t want a wall there.


Because their comments are at odds with ICE, the border patrol and DHS. They experts can help them understand where they are wrong. They are still free to oppose the border patrol, but they need to educate themselves first.


All sorts of new technology, too.

Hell, you can install a doorbell that taped everyone coming to your door and let’s you talk to them from anywhere in the world for a couple hundred bucks.

That’s a hell of a lot better than intermittent wall.


As someone who voted for the GOP in every single election I have been eligible to… until 2016 that is…

Yes. I #Walked Away and It’s becoming increasingly likely I will never return.


No they are not at odds with ICE, the border patrol, and DHS.

They’re at odds with Trump’s spin on what ICE, the border patrol and DHS are saying.


Hey, maybe he can negotiate with the Mexican government down there to get them to pay for the wall, as he promised they would–oh, I dunno–1000 times. That’s better than shutting down the government, stiffing hundreds of thousands of workers, and resorting to vulgar, common grifts like this one, from the day of his speech:

“We need to raise $500,000 in ONE DAY. I want to know who stood with me when it mattered most so I’ve asked my team to send me a list of EVERY AMERICAN PATRIOT who donates to the Official Secure the Border Fund,” read the email written in Trump’s name.

“Please make a special contribution of $5 by 9 PM EST to our Official Secure the Border Fund to have your name sent to me after my speech,” it added.

Yeah, you can be sure that your hard-earned cash is going to . . . pay Trump’s legal fees. If you support this malicious idiot, you might as well open your skull and let him ■■■■ in your head. It’s just gross.


If I were a betting man, I would say that Trump only speaks with border agents and leaders that agree with him in the first place.

I’ve heard reported that the Democrat Representative for the district Trump will be visiting was not part of the trip (or will be part of the photo Op).



Exactly!!! Which is why Chuck and Nancy need to go to the border and learn what is accurate from the experts!. We agree Lol.


A wall that even if it is fully funded, is not going to be built any time soon to address this immediate “National Emergency.” Texas landowners are going to fight tooth and nail to not allow their land to be stolen from them for some stupid monument to the scared. The court cases alone will tie this idiotic thing up forever. The prototype of the steel slat barrier Mr. Trump is proposing can be easily defeated with common items, such as a saw, which the Marine Corp proved with ease.

I’ve never seen such an absurdity as the people clamoring for a stupid wall. Intellect is dead with some of our fellow Americans. It is insane and pathetic.


While they dismiss reports from the Border Patrol, Homeland Security, ICE, border state Sheriffs and other law enforcement it makes you wonder just what “experts” are they talking about?! It’s astounding that the “all the experts say a wall won’t work” is the leftist talking point from political pundits and elected Democrat politicians.


I could lock my door to keep intruders out. Or I could leave it unlocked and shoot the intruder once he enters.
Technology will help us apprehend thousands more. Then what the hell do we do with them?


Nope, that does not make your inaccurate claim any more valid. They already know what the experts know. Even though the Republicans have refused to hold hearings on border security and the stupid wall.


Same thing we’ve always done with them.

If you want to use a house analogy, imagine your house has 2000 doors. You’ve locked 600 of them. Are you telling me locking 200 more is going to prevent anyone from coming in?


They don’t dismiss those reports.

They listen to what is actually geing said and don’t spin it.