Trump goes all in for border wall

-Seize private lands
-Ignore environmental regulations
-Promise pardons to those breaking the law for the wall

All completely normal things for a president working within a balanced federal government to do. Right? When is he scheduled for coronation?

No more mexican, central and south american rapists and murderers.

Build the wall.

Deport illegals.

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Looking out for a pardon are you?

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Stupid is as stupid does.

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Much of the land where Trump wants to put his wall is in Texas. There are areas where in order to build the wall they will have to go north of the border one or two thousand feet. The land owners where that would happen say that if that happens they would lose hundreds or even thousands of acres. From what I have read about 90% of those land owners have legal action at the ready. It has been estimated that the court actions would take years. I think that if Trump thinks he can just waltz in and scoop up this land he is sorely mistaken.


I think the same. I know Texans. I know a few Texans who would rather fight (literally) than give up private property to the government. Not trying to cause hysteria, but it could be ugly.

So says “the law and order” president.

Definitely the Democrats should continue to concentrate on this after the whole Russia conspiracy theory thing fell through.

“Make Americas Borders Open Again”

Put it on a hat.

Non sequitur prize for the day. Congrats!


And yet we have plenty of highways in Texas that did just that.

Most Texans want to guard that border. Guarantee it.

if any official gets pardoned for illegal land seizures they should be sued into bankruptcy in civil court.

He is terrified that when it is shown that he has not built 1 single mile of new wall construction, that his marks will start to see that they have been played. So he is willing to steal from Americans to achieve some Pyrrhic victory of sorts. And he is too ignorant to understand what that even means.

I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. A few months ago he pressed Mitch to do something about health care because he didn’t want to be a campaign issue. Mitch told him no, which must have pissed him off bigly. If you think of all of the things that he promised that haven’t happened I think he is about to go panic mode. Film at eleven.

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If I build something without permits, I have to tear it out and start over again. So, if the wall is built on illegally seized land …

No doubt there. However, the Democrats have proven themselves completely incapable on capitalizing on any of these mistakes. So I continue to hold very little hope for Trump not winning re-election regardless.

I wouldn’t call the mid-terms “incapable of capitalizing on mistakes”.

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Yep. From what I’ve seen on these forums over the years real Texasans aren’t gonna put up with their land being seized for ANY reason. Unless they’re just all talk.

Seize private land. Ignore laws. Pardon any lawbreakers.

Looks like Donald’s 2020 campaign is full steam ahead.

I understand, but I do not read near as much into that as some. Remember, literally right before the mid-term vote, the GOP was STILL trying to repeal the ACA and remove pre-existing condition coverage from millions of Americans health insurance coverage. The Democrats did a fantastic job of highlighting this reality, AND current event that directly impacted countless voters. I do not envision the GOP repeating this same mistake before the 2020 election, taking that ammunition away from the Democrats to seize upon.