Trump goes after old canard...violent video games

As a causal factor in mass shootings.

I guess that explains all the mass killings that happen in Japan, where they play more violent video games and have some pretty gruesome anime that gets streamed everywhere to boot.

We hear about all the mass murders there, right?


Oh, OK, well maybe President Trump has a good reason why Japanese gamers seem resistant to the dehumanizing impact of violent video games.

Maybe in his next press conference?

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Guns didn’t kill those people. Fortnight killed those people.


Do you think he knows that pretty much anybody under forty that supports him are the type of gamer that go absolutely bananas if they censor games?

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what year is it?

Japanese are immune to the influences of violent gaming because of cultural homogeneity. In America, we’re all rugged individualists and thus much more subject to the evil influences of game designers.


It feels a lot like Tipper Gore is still relevant, doesn’t it?

Old people don’t like or understand video names, classic old white people red meat.

What a lame excuse, who actually believes this lol.

This is getting pretty desperate. This is reason number three? Four? since this morning.

Do we even have any evidence either of them even played video games?

Or for that matter, and of the last 30 shooters?

I mean, I’m sure they must have, but at this point it’s impossible to go through life without playing Candy Crush at least once, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t cause mass shootings.

Did he blame it on previous administrations yet?

2) mental health. ( So let’s make sure they get the death penalty too)
3)the internet
4) video games

I don’t know…Candy Crush has some racist genocidal undertones.

You sort by “Candy ethnic group” and once you have enough of them segregated into one group you CRUSH that group out of existence…

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Most definitely not guns, though.

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■■■■■■■ Tetris! I knew we couldn’t trust that Soviet propaganda


Or anyone who stoked racial fears with claims of invasions

And don’t even get me started on the evidence that Mario is communist propaganda!

The killer literally wrote why he was going slaughter the victims. It wasn’t video games.


Red hat, smashes the evil capitalist job creators bowzer with a hammer…

These ■■■■■■■ are idiots…videogames…what moron thinks that’s the cause?