Trump Getting Rid of Regulations Helps the Economy More Than Most Anything He Has Done


Oy, where to even start here.

First, I’d be willing to bet the requirement to re-locate the fire pull is due to local building codes, not any federal reg. So, bad example for the OP.

Secondly, theres this misconception that regs 1) are a drag on the economy, 2) are an unnecessary financial burden on companies that often results in job losses. So do yourself a favor and simply Google “Do regulations create jobs” and follow the links. You’ll see a multitude of studies that have been performed over the last several decades quantifying both the economic impacts of regs, as well as the impacts regs have on employment. If you do, you’ll see that the absence or presence of regs is in no way shape or form a prime function of either creating or destroying jobs. In fact, most regs generally create jobs at a greater ratio, i.e. for each job lost, 1.5 jobs created.

Now in saying that, Im a consultant that primarily works with operators in the energy sector in Colorado, one of the toughest regulatory environments in the nation, particularly for that industry. As you might imagine, the vast majority of the upper-level managers are decidedly on the right-hand side of the spectrum. Yes, there are certainly regs out there, and not just in my industry, that are an over-reach. When we encounter them, we work to reel them back in, at least attempting to provide avenues for operations to continue without being unnecessarily encumbered by the new reg while simultaneously still providing adequate protections in place for the resource(s) in question. It does take time, and it does take money, but regs are continually modified all the damn time to strike a balance between industry and the resources they intend to protect. But the vast majority of regs are not seen as obstacles or impediments, they are simply another component of the working environment and these operators account for that business plans.

But the oddest thing is what has happened since all this reg slashing started. It’s created an atmosphere where these operators are hesitant to move forward with production plans. Why? Because of the regulatory uncertainty. Let’s assume that a reg is relaxed or entirely cut by Trump, opening new areas for operators to develop and extract mineral resources. They then start to assess the area for potential and maybe determine it’s beneficial to target those minerals. They then begin drafting their plan of development, which is subsequently reviewed through the NEPA process… a process that can take anywhere from 6-7 months or several years. By this time, there’s a very good chance that a new administration is int he WH with an entirely different view than Trump and keen on reviving that reg that was slashed, essentially wasting that entire planning and permitting effort. Make sense?

In my experience, these guys don’t necessarily hate the regs, the hate regulatory uncertainty. It can have a paralyzing effect on industry.


I guess Obama is not President anymore due to regulations. Is that one of the regulations you want to get rid of?


And once facts start flying, the Trumpsters go silent. Convenient.


Libs dont have facts. Just biased, slanted opinions that try to paint trump in a negative light


Again, when Obama’s term started we were losing 100,000s jobs a month, by the time his term ended we were gaining 100,000s jobs a month.


But it’s much more stable without the highs and lows.

US Real GDP Growth is at 3.50%, compared to 4.20% last quarter and 2.80% last year. This is higher than the long term average of 3.22%.

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Q1 '15Q2 '16Q3 '170.00%2.00%4.00%6.00%8.00%


US Real GDP Growth Historical Data

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|Sept. 30, 2018|3.50%|
|June 30, 2018|4.20%|
|March 31, 2018|2.20%|
|Dec. 31, 2017|2.30%|
|Sept. 30, 2017|2.80%|
|June 30, 2017|3.00%|
|March 31, 2017|1.80%|
|Dec. 31, 2016|1.80%|
|Sept. 30, 2016|1.90%|
|June 30, 2016|2.30%|
|March 31, 2016|1.50%|
|Dec. 31, 2015|0.40%|
|Sept. 30, 2015|1.00%|
|June 30, 2015|3.30%|
|March 31, 2015|3.30%|
|Dec. 31, 2014|1.90%|
|Sept. 30, 2014|4.90%|
|June 30, 2014|5.10%|
|March 31, 2014|-1.00%|
|Dec. 31, 2013|3.20%|
|Sept. 30, 2013|3.20%|
|June 30, 2013|0.50%|
|March 31, 2013|3.60%|
|Dec. 31, 2012|0.50%|
|Sept. 30, 2012|0.50%|


Of course it has nothing to do with the federal regulation ADDED on TOP of the state & local pile of them… The point is there are too many. Fed, state, local. ALL need cut. Many are absurd.


Baloney, it’s a perfect example of government overregulation. Doesn’t matter if local state, or fed. Just too many. The fed ADDS to the state & local. OF COURSE the left would be happy at an overregulating bunch of control freaks telling everyone what to do. Of course it’s ok by them if we had to move the pull ONE FOOT at the cost of hundreds of dollars when it was fine for decades before, Of course they don’t care how much burdens they place on others!


Do you think real GDP growth for 2018 will exceed 3%?


Regs create jobs? Baloney. The coal industry is booming compared to Obama’s hideous time in office. Everyone here knows it too.


So? That proves nothing!


I used an actual number how many layoffs are attributed to “regulations”. It’s an extremely small number, but it’s a number.

You used…I don’t know what. Blind faith? And you think it’s helping the economy “more than anything else”. You should try putting some meat on those faithful bones, because the numbers don’t back you up, at all.

Here’s a fair look at how “job killing regulations” aren’t really job killers.


Massive? Really? You mean regulations that require idiocy? That accomplish nothing? I’ve seen it all, from reasonable inspectors to complete morons that don’t know anything they are talking about, to control freaks who just like to show their miniature authority.


Yes, I think we only need 2.1 percent for 4th quarter to reach 3.0 for the calendar year.

You can bookmark this if you want but I think we will reach 3.3 to 3.4.

That’s having about 3.6 percent growth for 4th quarter.


Yea? From an expert with the government…From a leftist rag…


Yes, think along the lines of Superfund type money.

And Trump hasn’t eliminated a bunch of regulations really. The growth of regulations has slowed.





No, we need 4.2% in Q4 for real GDP growth for 2018 to be 3%. For 2.95% (which the report would round up to 3%), Q4 growth needs to be 3.4%.


This is all from leftists including you who does not understand true economics, only socialist brainwash economics. Never actually worked, but still keeping the dream alive that they will be the ones to “Do it right THIS time!”


There’s a lot more COAL jobs than before Obama, Your stats there is including other industries.