Trump Getting Rid of Regulations Helps the Economy More Than Most Anything He Has Done


:joy: I never even noticed that before… hilarious.


You are a spirited lot. I like you.


Oh I don’t mean to be mean. My spelling can be atrocious.


Most public offices in the state was democrat except for POTUS. The concern then was guns. After Obama, it was a near complete republican takeover.


Oh, I didn’t assume that was your intention… but I found it pretty hilarious.



Well, then show me.

Here’s the history of and number of coal mining jobs in the US.

You seem to think if you forcefully assert bull ■■■■ it’s believable.


I guess if you think math is fake.


It is the correct spelling. It’s not Caesar the Emperor. It’s a NAME of a show horse I like.


Oh that’s nice. I like show horses.

What are show horses?


No, he’s providing numbers that are factually correct. You just don’t want to acknowledge it.

As for those plants closing down, have you ever asked why? Coal plants on average have a life span of 40-50 years. Most were built in the 70’s and 80’s… so where does that put them now? That’s right… beyond their lifespan. So, they have to close those plants, meaning they’ll put a new plant in place. With several different forms of cheaper and more efficient energy sources, why wouldn’t those operators opt for the path that fattens their bottom line?

Again, this is just the market in play…


Oh if I click the number in the top right of my screen, I am brought back here. I see now. Now I have to see if I can undo it.


Well, no. The median hourly wage is $27.53 [1].



Those things Mitt Romney’s wife used to ride as a tax dodge.


The whole country knows the economy is better under Trump & Obama was an economic ignoramus. (Well, except for the Uber left). My business has doubled since Obama is gone.


So then they only have to work 62 hours a week, every week of the year. Seems about right…


Are you sure? Because he said $90K a year very assertively and there were even some exclamation points thrown in for extra credibility.


I promise you that you have at minimum three active posters in this thread that live in this country that would disagree with your first statement.

Also, what’s your business exactly?


You can totally see the big spike under Trump.


Adroit could have strengthened his argument if he had prefaced it with “baloney”… lol