Trump gets an asterisk ... but

Dems say that Trump will have an asterisk next to his name in the history books. Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi will not have an asterisk … instead they will just have ass next to their names.

As all of this fades into the history books, Dems…especially Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler will be remembered like Joe McCarthy is.

Oh, they’ll be remembered as so much more evil than that. After all, McCarthy went after seditious communists, whereas Pelosi and her evil cabal went after an innocent. They are more like the Pharasees who convicted Jesus.

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Trump will forever be a question on a grade 9 history test.

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They are smarter than any term limited President.

They get to keep their office as long as they live and keep 51% of their constituents happy enough.

The longer they serve…the more pork for their constituents.

Hardly any repercussions…Just blame the President.


This makes perfect sense to you, eh? :sunglasses:

Adam: at least as thoughtful as Schiff musing about Trump selling Alaska to the Russians And having Jared be the decision maker on going to war. You guys are just toooo much — or maybe too little.

He isn’t wrong

name the three President who have been impeached.

sound like a pretty standard question.


no I was wrong maybe grade 6.


Ha. Fair point.

I doubt Schiff, Schumer, or Pelosi will be in any history books.

So what have we learned about conservatives?

  • It’s totally ok for the President to use his powers for political gain.
  • Presidents are to be admired for name calling
  • It’s fine when Presidents refuse to allow any of their staff to testify in an investigation
  • It’s great when Presidents use Twitter like a teenage girl
  • Presidents can insult veterans, totally cool!
  • It’s fine to meet with brutal dictators with no preconditions
  • Presidents don’t need ANY press conferences.

I could go on and on.


Having butt in your name would make being a substitute teacher challenging. Aside from that, his name doesn’t mean anything to the vast majority of folks.

I learned impeachment has almost no structure or inherent mechanism to assure due process.


But don’t be ripping up copies of speeches.

That is a horrendous offense worthy of expulsion from Congress.

Most of us couldn’t name the Speaker of the House or any individual congressmen from the time of Andrew Johnson without looking it up.

100 years from now, the general population won’t know who was Speaker of the House in 2020 unless they are specifically looking for that information. The name of the President, and the fact that he was the 3rd president to be impeached, will be much more significant and will likely be in the history books.


Tell me who controls the future and I will tell you who is favored by future history books.

Class, name the President that was impeached and re-elected in 2020.

It’s ok to have a White National in key staff positions
It’s ok to not respect the flag if you are president
It’s ok to say their are good neo nazis